Beautiful Workspace

Assuming the typical worker spends a 40-hour work week, takes five weeks of holiday every year, and stays actively employed from 18 to 67, they’ll spend a mind-boggling 92,120 hours at work. That doesn’t include the hundreds of hours spent commuting to work and slaving away on projects at home.

It’s, therefore, no wonder that when surveys ask people what defines their life more than anything else after family, the reply is a career or job. Employees and professionals take their occupations more seriously than ever before as we approach the 2020s and beyond, and the importance of a beautiful, welcoming workplace is rapidly becoming recognized as a vital factor for productivity in the workplace.

Startling Facts About Office Space And Office Routines

Occupational health and safety experts are beginning to prioritize offices as the areas most need reform. For years, health and safety commissioners concentrated on the conditions in mines, factories, and other regions where repetitive stress injuries could occur. Today, the office environment is recognized as a place that can cause back pain, eye strain, stress, depression, and weight gain.

However, what about the shift to working from home? Are the people who work from home subject to the same stresses as office working commuters? According to data collected in 2018, whether someone is self-employed, working from home, or part of a team but still able to work from home, their happiness levels are far higher.

Why Are People Who Work From Home Happier Than Office Workers?

When home-workers were asked to list the main reasons why they preferred that type of work, analysis of the data revealed several common reasons:
  • Could work when they felt most productive
  • Could be flexible in the work hours
  • Were able to adapt their work environment to their own needs
Stay-at-home workers across the board said being able to buy chairs, desks, and desktop computers that suited their personal needs was one of the significant factors contributing to their happiness levels.

Commercial Workspace Design

Office managers and employers learned from the study of stay-at-home workers that when employees can make themselves comfortable, productivity and happiness levels go up. Repurposing the workspace with the help of a custom commercial interior design company can give your office environment a more welcoming and ergonomic-friendly feel.

Office redesign impacts beneficially on employees in many positive ways. Chairs that encourage better posture will save on unnecessary trips to the chiropractor. Desks specifically designed to allow the worker to look out and around instead of slumping over and downwards are extremely helpful in promoting a better outlook.

Whether they sit in the reception area or attend a meeting in the boardroom, visitors to the office will come away with a better perspective of the company ethos. These are all the things a beautiful workspace can bring.