Best Moulinex Mincers
Best Moulinex Mincers 
Since the 70s all kitchens, we do not know if the world, but at least if our country has had a Moulinex chopper.

Yes, the one that seems to be included with the kitchen, that which was orange, narrow and used to chop practically everything. In recent years and thanks to technological advances and design improvements, Moulinex prepares a series of grinders adapted to the needs of each. Chopping meat, cheese, bread in only 1, 2 and 3 steps was possible already in the 70s and now, Moulinex choppers, are still present in all kitchens.

How? That you do not have Moulinex mincer? Keep reading and you will find 5 picadors of the Moulinex brand, find the one that is for you!

Moulinex, the brand of excellence

In the France of 1972 appears for the first time a domestic appliance capable of chopping cheese, meat, nuts or bread, among others, in just 3 steps. This is how the Moulinex mincer and its famous name "1,2,3" was born.

However, the company Moulinex was founded in 1956 by Jean Mantelet, in the French city of Alençon. Later, around the 80s, Mantelet left the company and others took charge of it and, in the 90s, although Moulinex had a very ambitious expansion plan, the company began to have problems in international markets and ended up being bought by Groupe SEB, who is the one who takes his management to today.

After this brief review of the history of the brand, we can think that it has not been managed correctly. However, in the minds of all is the legendary Moulinex mincer, and that will not change.

Now it's your turn to choose yourself: which one do you prefer? To make it easy in this article you will find the comparative analysis of 5 Moulinex mincers: the classic 1,2,3, the reinvented 1,2,3 XXL, the Saratov meat grinder, the Multimoulinette and the Multimoulinette Compact. Let's see its main differences and advantages.

The 3 best cheap Moulinex mincers on the market

3. Moulinex 1,2,3 XXL

La Moulinex 1,2,3 XXL is the evolution of the 1,2,3 of all life, of the classic. Of course, in this case, we are facing a more powerful chopper, with less weight and more capacity. As with its "older sister," 1,2,3 XXL has the option of purchasing with or without glass.

To start, at first glance, the Moulinex 1,2,3 XXL is ruby ​​red so we could say that it is prettier, or at least, dresses more the kitchen. Its weight is 1 kilo (its older sister weighs more than double) and its size s 35 x 19.5 x 19.5 cm. Its power is 1000W (300W more than the classic 1,2,3). Includes lid, bowl and jug, all suitable for dishwashers. This is a perfect meat grinder for the budget. You may check Reviewlin to read more about the meat grinders. In addition, the transparent cover, is suitable for liquids, since it is watertight (we can not say the same as the cover of the old 1,2,3).

The capacity of the container is 0.85 litres (vs. the 0.5 litres of its older sister).


  • This model has improved the traditional model of the classic 1,2,3
  • Powerful motor
  • In addition to the superior technical characteristics, it includes a cookbook


  • Occasionally, the top part may get stuck and not let the blade come out
  • It can be a bit difficult to clean
  • Although it is a renewed model, it does not reach the power of the Saratov

There is a curious fact with the 1,2,3 XXL and is that despite being a renovated model of the classic 1,2,3, with more power, more beautiful and with a sealed glass for liquids, which remains the Bestselling mincer is the classic 1,2,3. The price may have more to do with what the brand believes!

2. Moulinex Multimoulinette

Moulinex Multimoulinette
Moulinex Multimoulinette

Pay attention to this model, because if you are looking for a chopper that does more than chop, the Multimoulinette has 3 chopping blades at different heights, 2 speeds and an emulsifying disc. The 3 blades allow the chopping to be more uniform than that with only 1 blade since the food does not escape above or below the blade itself (a common error in the classic choppers, in which they end up with remains of food without stinging in the centre of the glass). For its part, the emulsifying disk is very useful for mixing sauces and tasty condiments. In addition, its lid is sealed so you can emulsify with total peace of mind.

With regard to the 2 speeds, we recommend that you use the fast speed for foods that are hard, such as chocolate or nuts) and that the slow speed reserve it for more delicate foods, such as onions, mushrooms ...

The other choppers are very safe, but the Multimoulinette is even more so: it has a safety system by which the chopper does not start working if it does not detect the bowl and lid. And in addition to safe, it is comfortable since all the accessories can be put in the dishwasher.

Like the 1,2,3 XXL, the Multimoulinette is ruby ​​red, but in this case, its measurements are 14.6 x 14.4 x 28 cm, its weight of 1.2 kg and its power of 500 W.


  • Turbo button very useful for harder foods
  • Option to choose the chopper with a glass or without it
  • It has 3 blades at different heights and emulsifier for sauces or condiments


  • Sometimes it lacks power
  • It is missing that the base is more stable since the engine is at the top
  • The cover of the contender does not twist, so it must be held during the whole task
  • The 3 blades is a very good evolution with respect to the rest of picadors, as well as the ability to emulsify. In addition, the 2 speeds allow us to vary the chopping of food.

1. Moulinex Multimoulinette Compact DJ3001

Moulinex Multimoulinette Compact
Moulinex Multimoulinette Compact
We could say that the Multimoulinette Compact is the smart shopper, it adapts to your strength; this means that by having the motor on top, the Multimoulinette Compact adapts the speed and intensity of the blades to the force that you apply to them.

Like the classic mincer, the Multimoulinette also has the 1,2,3 system and is white. Otherwise, it is quite different: its power is 270W, its useful capacity is 0.25 litres and its size is 19.5 x 19.5 x 25 cm. It has only one speed but as it is intuitive and is guided by your strength, it really does not need to have more speeds. It also has a permanent safety system (this means that the chopper will not work if the lid is not properly fitted) and the accessories are dishwasher safe.


  • The intuitive system works according to the force or pressure that you exercise in it
  • Handy and easy to clean
  • It is small and compact, perfect for small kitchens


  • It only has one speed
  • Low power, only 270W
  • Low capacity
If your kitchen is small, you do not want to fill it with more appliances and you need a simple chopper, without it being too much power, the Multimoulinette Compact is the perfect option for you.

In this comparison you have seen several Moulinex mincers, among them the classic one, the 1,2,3, the one of all life; the famous meat grinder Saratov; the evolution of the classic, 1,2,3 XXL; the Multimoulinette with motor on the top and the Multimoulinette Compact, small but bulky, adapting to your strength.

Choose the chopper you choose, what is certain is that you will have guessed right since the kitchens of half the world have these choppers since the 70s and so many happy customers cannot be wrong.