potential hazards

Jump houses or bounce houses tops the chart of inflatable play equipment which is very popular among children. Some risks come with bouncy castles that can lead to potential injuries, and when you are thinking about jumper rentals, you must be very much aware about it. Although most injuries are minor and not at all serious but the possibilities of serious injuries that can lead to disability also exist. There are instances when kids have suffered serious injuries while playing on bounce houses.

Usually, falling off from bounce houses and hitting the ground is the most common reason for children getting hurt when playing on bouncy castles. Sometimes, children push one another, and someone falls down awkwardly and get hurt. Effective supervision, when children are playing on bounce houses is the only way to make its use safer.

In this article, we will discuss about some potential hazards and how to take care of it when you are hiring an inflatable bouncy castle.

Secure anchoring

The bouncy house must stay firm in its place without shifting for which it is essential to ensure a secure anchoring of the structure. Ensure that all anchorage points provided with the structure remain securely fastened to the ground by affixing it to some solid points with mooring straps. It should withstand sufficient wind speed without uprooting.

Protective Mats on all sides

To prevent any injury if children fall off from the house, the adjoining areas of the bouncy castle must remain covered with impact absorbing mats extended up to sufficient distance for complete protection. A dedicated supervisor must closely monitor the activities of jumping children and take pre-emptive action to prevent any unsafe act.

Avoid overcrowding

Every bouncy castle has some recommended load capacity, and close supervision is necessary to ensure that there is no overcrowding. Know from the rental company the maximum number of children allowed to play on the structure at any given point in time and adhere to it. If children knock against one another, it is a sign of overcrowding.

Damage protection

Sharp articles rubbing on the plastic surface can damage it and even cause injuries. Children clothes, shoes, and jewelry can contain sharp metallic objects like buckles and hair clips or pins which the supervisor must advise them for removing.

Prohibit climbing

It might appear very inviting for children to try climbing the walls of the bouncy castle, but it can be dangerous and best avoided. Similarly, preventing horseplay would add to safety. Moreover, there must not be children of different ages and sizes in any group to avoid larger children hurting the smaller ones.

Consider the weather condition when hiring bouncy castles which are ideal for outdoor settings. Summer months when the sky is clear, and the weather is stable are best for children to play under the sky but inclement weather can spoil the enjoyment, and you must consider the weather to choose the right time for hiring.

Most importantly, ensure that the rental company adheres to the laid down safety guidelines for using the inflatable play equipment.