More often than not, people close to us experience various difficulties and struggle with issues such as mental problems, financial debt, or even addiction. Unfortunately, however, they keep these problems to themselves and suffer in silence. It is thus a person’s duty to be sensitive enough to identify when your loved one is not okay. Below are a few signs which can help you do so.

1. Withdrawal and isolation

This is always a key sign that helps one know that a loved one is having a hard time about a particular issue. They tend to become isolated and withdrawn, avoiding interaction with the people around them. They will turn down any invites to places, including activities that they would usually love to go to, for instance, like going to watch a football game. They will also mostly eat dinner by themselves in their rooms. This kind of behavior should alert you that something is going on and you can try getting them help.

2. Loss in weight

A significant loss in weight is always something that happens when a person is not doing so well. This is because losing weight is an indication that your loved one may be really stressed. Alternatively, a sudden weight gain could also be a sign of an underlying problem. If you comment on your loved one’s weight, they are quite likely to brush the topic off since they are most likely in denial and do not want to acknowledge the fact that they may be going through a problem. Be gentle when you confront them or consider taking them to see a professional.

3. Sleep problems

Many people all over the world experience sleep problems when they are troubled by something. This habit, however, if it prolongs for long is a sure indicator that something is really wrong, A change in sleep patterns can also be an indication that your loved one may be suffering. For instance, if they sleep too much or sleep for very few hours, then something may be bothering them and they need help.

4. General unhappiness

Your loved one may be, generally, quite a happy person who loves to have fun and go out to new and interesting places. If they may be dealing with a problem, one of the major signs that you will notice is that they will be unhappy most of the times, unenthusiastic about anything and basically sad. If unchecked, this can lead to depression which will have worse effects since, with time, they will not want to go to work or to school. They will also most likely neglect their responsibilities. Be keen enough to notice if there is such a kind of a change in your loved one.

5. Mood swings

A loved one going through a problem will most likely have these types of emotional outbursts. A normally calm person will suddenly start having fits of rage for instance, or, a naturally happy person will be quite emotional and crying a lot. These outbursts are often a cry of help which you should attend to.