Renting EMC test equipment
Renting EMC test equipment

Electromagnetic compatibility of two or more electronic appliances decides if their electromagnetic fields will interfere with each other. EMC testing is the only way to certainly find out if a new electronic device is ready for release into the market. Therefore, it should be a part of the early product design and development process.

Why are EMC testing kit rentals necessary?

Now, several new manufacturers, especially the small businesses and startups don't have the budget necessary to purchase and set up dedicated EMC testing equipment. As a result, many of their products do not meet the EMC test standards in either the US or the European countries. It often results in controversies, lawsuits, product recall and significant losses.

A smart way around the budget and resource problem is by working with an EMC testing partner or hiring the testing kits necessary to test the electromagnetic compatibility of a product at each level. Most of the EMC testing partners have "try before you buy" promotions that allow the target users to check used equipment before they buy them for a fraction of their original prices. Others have rent to own offers that enable the manufacturers to hire the equipment by the week, month or quarter.

How can rental facilitate the production process?

Earlier, the timeline of a project or the pace of the design development clashed with the prospects of investing in an EMC testing kit. There were times when the product design or the brand’s mission and vision outgrew the EMC testing equipment at a fast pace. The presence of EMC tests on rent allow the same companies to evaluate their current production equipment, run short-term testing of their products, and to advocate changes in design to correct the EMC issues.

The main advantage of renting EMC test systems (61000-4-2 - Transient Specialists) from reputed sources is the lack of security deposits or sign-offs. Any person can rent the testing equipment according to his or her necessity, depending on the EMC testing method they are using. Since there are multiple methods to test EMC, most of the test kit renting partners have numerous models that help the brands and manufacturers to meet their necessities.

Why should your rental period be flexible?

Currently, almost all rental options have extendable or customizable rental programs. If you rent an EMC test kit for a week, but the need for it extends beyond 7-days, you can extend the rental period by the week or month by taking to their representative. Most of these companies have an online interface, where you can do the same without engaging in person-to-person conversation. You can select the model type, existing rental plan and extend the hiring period against credit card payment or PayPal payment.

Depending on which rental service you are checking out, you should be able to see several types of EMC test equipment depending on their year of release, sensitivity, size and other factors. Go ahead and request a quote to explore the different rage of prices the potential EMC testing partner has to offer!