Family Lawyer
 Many people use family lawyers for different reasons, but people tend to think they only handle divorce cases. Family lawyers handle different situations. They work on different cases for families and take care of different types of request for families and civil courts. Their practice has more pros than cons, but they still have some downsides noticeable in some situations. Not every lawyer has the same pros or cons, so research is the key to finding the perfect one. Websites such as Yelp or The Yellow Pages with reviews are usually the best places to find the information needed for a better judgment.

The Pros

Family lawyers are useful when it comes to legal matters whether inside the courtroom or outside. A person can meet the lawyer for consultation at their law office and usually gets the legal advice at no charge. Lawyers are educated in procedural issues and judicial systems. They also have experience with situations within the law which an ordinary citizen normally would not know anything about.

Saving Money

A lawyer is impartial to any side and is considered an outsider to what is going on within a family. He or she is not to take sides but to understand the situation of their client for better representation. Even though a lawyer is expensive, they can save a client a ton of money in the long run. Without representation, costly mistakes can happen, mostly the "could have" and "should have" but "did not" is what can cost the client or entire family the most money and losses.

Family Cases

Outside Resolutions

A good lawyer knows what they are doing and knows their way around the courtroom. They can produce a fast closing case in the client's favour. Sometimes cases get resolved outside the courts.

Types of Family Cases

People use family lawyers for divorce cases, child custody cases, wills, property issues, and secessions. They may also handle other small cases or issues that may arise which does not involve a case going to court.

The Cons

There are not many cons to having a family lawyer. The main thing is knowing how to spot the bad ones. It is about asking people who used the lawyer before, looking at their track record and reading the reviews.

Pro Bono Lawyers

Family lawyers can get costly. They can drain people if the case ends up in court for longer than expected. Sometimes the state will have grants to pay for low-income families. Lawyers who volunteer their time to represent clients are called, pro bono lawyers. This is an option to look into for saving money. There are applications to fill out for qualification.

Closing the Case

Both sides, the pros, and the cons are important factors to outweigh when deciding if a family lawyer is necessary. The client has the option after the consultation if they will need to pursue the case with a family attorney or go on their own. It would be in the client's best interest to have one ready for when the time comes because they will need a lawyer somewhere down the road of life.