Skin Care Routine
Skin Care Routine
Modern consumers are more careful about skin care. Thanks to access to information from the internet and a general improvement in lifestyle habits, people pay more attention to how they care for their skin or appearance. But they still need to make mistakes or rely on faulty information. Many buy skin care products like Profhilo treatmentProfhilo treatment without researching or considering their skin type. In this article, we discuss the different mistakes people make in their regular skincare routine.

1. Not Moisturizing 

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when creating routines. When you search online, you’ll find thousands of articles explaining why it is essential to moisturize your face. A good moisturizer will ensure your skin is supple, healthy, and elastic. It will ward off signs of aging and help protect the skin from the outside environment. Moisturizers also help with oil control, ensuring the skin doesn’t need to produce more sebum to remain healthy. No matter what kind of skin you have, you need to moisturize twice daily.

2. Not Moisturizing Immediately After Cleansing

You need to apply moisturizer within one minute of cleansing. Your pores are open, and your skin is damp, which ensures all of the good ingredients in the moisturizer are absorbed quickly into the skin. The skin will start dehydrating immediately after you clean it or step out of the shower. If you don’t apply moisturizer directly, it will feel tight and stretchy for a long time. Eventually, your skin will start to produce excess sebum to rehydrate the skin.

3. Not Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a great way to wash away all debris from your skin. This is an essential skin care step for people who wear makeup, but it is also good practice for people who don’t. The process involves removing all the products like makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and pollution from your skin with the help of an oil-based cleanser or micellar water.

You can then wash your face with a regular cleanser and remove any lingering traces of dirt or grime. This will help avoid skin problems like clogged pores, acne, and allergic reactions. Double cleansing with organic beauty products can help keep your skin supple and healthy.

4. Not Following the Right Order of Skin Care Products

If you have multiple products in your skincare routine, applying them in the correct order is essential. Start with the lightest products first. Your toner or serum will go on bare skin because they can’t penetrate heavy creams. Follow up with any antioxidant cream or solution you use, like a Vitamin C solution. You need to apply eye cream before a moisturizer to ensure effectiveness. Always moisturize before skin care oils or products, as these creams can’t penetrate oils. If you follow the correct order, you can use skincare ingredients to maximum effect.

A skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy skin, but many people unknowingly make mistakes that can undermine their efforts. Here are some common skincare mistakes:

1. Over-Cleansing

  • Mistake: Washing the face too frequently or using harsh cleansers.
  • Impact: Strips the skin of natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation.
  • Solution: Use a gentle cleanser twice a day, morning and night.

2. Not Moisturizing Oily Skin

  • Mistake: Skipping moisturizer because of oily skin.
  • Impact: Causes skin to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.
  • Solution: Use a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer suitable for oily skin.

3. Ignoring Sunscreen

  • Mistake: Not using sunscreen daily or only using it in sunny weather.
  • Impact: Increases risk of sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancer.
  • Solution: Apply broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher every day, regardless of the weather.

4. Using Expired Products

  • Mistake: Continuing to use skincare products past their expiration date.
  • Impact: Reduces effectiveness and can cause irritation or infections.
  • Solution: Regularly check expiration dates and discard outdated products.

5. Incorrect Order of Application

  • Mistake: Applying skincare products in the wrong order.
  • Impact: Reduces effectiveness of the products.
  • Solution: Apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen).

6. Using Too Many Products

  • Mistake: Overloading the skin with multiple products.
  • Impact: Can cause irritation and make it difficult to identify what works.
  • Solution: Stick to a simple routine with essential products and introduce new products gradually.

7. Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

  • Mistake: Sleeping with makeup on.
  • Impact: Clogs pores, leads to breakouts, and prevents skin from regenerating.
  • Solution: Always remove makeup before bed with a gentle cleanser or makeup remover.

8. Popping Pimples

  • Mistake: Squeezing or picking at pimples.
  • Impact: Causes scarring, infection, and worsens acne.
  • Solution: Use acne treatments and let pimples heal naturally.

9. Ignoring Neck and Hands

  • Mistake: Only focusing on the face.
  • Impact: Neck and hands show signs of aging faster.
  • Solution: Extend your skincare routine to your neck and hands, including sunscreen.

10. Inconsistent Routine

  • Mistake: Not sticking to a routine or frequently changing products.
  • Impact: Prevents seeing long-term benefits and can cause skin issues.
  • Solution: Be consistent with your routine and give products time to work, typically 4-6 weeks.

11. Over-Exfoliating

  • Mistake: Exfoliating too frequently or using harsh exfoliants.
  • Impact: Damages skin barrier, causing redness and sensitivity.
  • Solution: Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a gentle exfoliant.

12. Not Tailoring Routine to Skin Type

  • Mistake: Using products not suited for your skin type.
  • Impact: Can cause dryness, oiliness, or breakouts.
  • Solution: Identify your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive) and choose appropriate products.

13. Skipping Patch Tests

  • Mistake: Not patch testing new products.
  • Impact: Risk of allergic reactions or irritation.
  • Solution: Test new products on a small area of skin before full application.

14. Using Hot Water

  • Mistake: Washing the face with hot water.
  • Impact: Strips natural oils and damages the skin barrier.
  • Solution: Use lukewarm water to cleanse the face.


Avoiding these common skincare mistakes can help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. It's important to be mindful of your skin's needs and to adjust your routine accordingly. If you experience persistent issues, consider consulting a dermatologist for personalized advice.

Make sure you choose skin care products formulated for your skin type. If you have dry, aging skin, choose products that hydrate the skin and make it appear more youthful. If you have oily skin, choose a lightweight moisturizer and a clarifying cleanser to unclog pores and avoid acne.