Ask Your Property Agent
Ask Your Property Agent

Picture this: As you walk around the neighbourhood or peruse through your local daily, you come across a property that interests you. You become excited and about it and want to know as much as you can about it. In fact, in your mind, you make detailed plans of how you will pay for it. Or…

You want to move house or just acquire property for profit purposes but you are stuck and don’t know how to go about it. Then the idea of a local agent strikes you and you hit the phone for an appointment which is instantly granted. What will ask the property agent when you finally set down for the meeting? Here are some great tips.

Property Agent
Property Agent

Ask them for a Portfolio

The journey to creating a relationship with your property agent should be treated like a job interview where past experience plays a vital role. In this case, the agent should be able to demonstrate their capability to help you sell or buy property competently, professionally and at the right price.

They should be in a position to showcase what they have successfully handed similar tasks previously. For instance, an agent can take you to a property owner whom they helped buy or sell. If the other party confirms the agent’s information, then your confidence in them will have been boosted significantly. It is a good way of helping you to make the decision on whether to engage them or not.

Do you have links with Professional bodies?

In any field, there are professional associations where information is shared among peers. In fact, some of them have such a vibrant and rigorous process of registration that even simply qualifying to be registered with them is a milestone. This is actually a requirement in several jurisdictions.

If your property agent is listed with one or several professional bodies, then you would be safer to deal with them. Most of these bodies have disciplinary and penalty procedures that members take very seriously.

Are your dealings legally binding?

A professional and well-established property agent will not undertake any deal without following proper due procedures and more importantly ensuring that they are done within agreeable contractual terms. Such an agent will be quick to point out details such as the necessary legal representation and the binding agreements that come with the contract. Other elements such as insurance or how the agent intends to go about it should also be well explained and how.

What about Commissions?

By the end of the day, your agent has deals to pay and depends on the commissions paid by his clients to pay his bills. It is thus important to discuss the commission, the terms as well as the mode of payment well in advance. This eliminates the chances of either party feeling shortchanged. The importance of such an agreement is underlined when you think of a property sale that exceeds the price issued by the owner. If the agent disposes of it for a price well beyond the said price, the owner might feel shortchanged and claim more. Agents at Pumped On Property Brisbane argue such fears should be discussed in the contract.

How Long Will My Property Be Listed?

Agents have a specific time frame within which your property will be listed on various boards, including online portals. In fact, online listings have become a common and primary way of listing properties as they form a bulk of search queries.

While most listings will be on a period of six months or until sold (whichever comes first), others can be renewed or have appropriate arrangements made for listings to be retained for longer. Having your property listed increases the chances of potential buyers finding it. Ask your agent to explain this accordingly.

How Do we Schedule Viewings for the Property?

Whether your agent will personally drive potential buyers to your property or direct them and arrange with you is a matter or discussion between the two parties. The important thing should be creating a schedule that is convenient. A number of things such as security of the property must all also be put into consideration.

In most cases, agents will take it upon themselves to arrange for potential buyers to view the property. This gives them ample time to discuss several dimensions of the estate with potential buyers.


Real estate agents play a vital role in the industry’s ecosystem. Sometimes, you may need an agent just once but it is important to know as many details as you can. Importantly, do not overlook the basic things by inclining too much towards the technicalities of the deal. It gives you satisfaction to have your queries answered professionally and competently. Remember too that the real estate industry, like any other, is infiltrated by dishonest people. This notwithstanding, a good real estate agent will have straightforward answers to most of the basic questions.