Multifunctional Guest Room
 Multifunctional Guest Room
Homeowners want to make the most out of their available space, but it can be difficult. Sometimes, a single room needs to serve multiple purposes, especially if you want to have a study, office, storage space, or guest room and only have one area available for all of these functions. Guest rooms can be the biggest stickler. You want to entertain and have a place where friends and relatives can stay when they visit, but how are you supposed to dedicate an entire room to a purpose that won’t be fulfilled often

The trick is that you don’t. Instead of trying to keep a guest room open at all times, turn it into a multifunctional guest room instead. There are a couple of tips and tricks to doing this that will help save space, time, and money by allowing you to enjoy more of the area in your home while still being ready for visitors.

The Sleeping Area

The first thing to sort out is where guests will sleep in the room. If you want to turn the available space into a dual study/guest room or office/guest room, the best option for an additional sleeping space is to look into getting a rollaway portable bed. These beds can be minimized, stored, and kept out of sight but prepared in a few minutes to accommodate visitors.

Another option is to consider a couch bed or an air mattress. Couch beds are a staple of crowded homes because they form a comfortable sitting place and can then be transformed into another sleeping area by pulling out the cushions. Air mattresses, meanwhile, can be inflated within minutes and then deflated the next day and stored in a closet. Both are reliable, soft, and durable - perfect for visitors!

Minimize Yet Maximize Your Workspace

If you want an office or study in the multifunctional guest room, the best thing you can do is minimize how much physical area you take up while maximizing how you use the space. The easiest way to do this is by establishing boundaries for the bed and desk or workspace. In a multifunctional room, you don’t want either of the functions to take up too much space, so the working area should only have - at most - half of the room.

The easiest way to minimize yet maximize a workspace is to invest in space-saving materials like desks with multiple drawers, hanging shelves, and filing cabinets that can store numerous materials and papers. If you need to store materials for arts and crafts, consider getting bins that can be safely stored on shelves. Height instead of width is your friend since it leaves floor space available for the amenities of a guest room.


  • There are many ways to make a multifunctional guest room, but they all involve a few simple rules.
  • Focus on saving floor space through storable furniture.
  • Maximize space by building up, not out.
  • Invest in shelving, not drawers.
Now that you know what to do to maximize the functionality of the room, you can focus on the fun part: Design and decoration! Go forth and plan the office, study, and guest bedroom of your dreams.