Today online computer gaming designers and the companies backing the designers to market their game and make sales have made some incredible developments. Many games in the past were stuck to the game console or computer they were designed for. Nintendo games like Mario could only be played on Nintendo, and Sega games like Sonic The Hedge Hog were only available on the Sega. It was a trapped market for many and you either needed to own both a Nintendo and a Sega or settle for the one you like the most.

Well, all that has changed!

It all began mainly via the sports gaming niche. Everyone wanted to play FIFA and the games console owners knew that in order to stay competitive, they would need to allow the main sports gaming company EA Sports access to their code in order to design their game to work on their system. Soon you were able to play nearly all EA sports games such as FIFA soccer and NBA basketball no matter which consoles you own. Obviously, PC owners at this time always had the privilege!

How Has Today’s Online Gaming Market Adapted to Cater for The Masses?
According to a well-known source in Malaysia that runs alive22 iOS download site, the market has changed so much that they have had to allow games from multiple developers feature in their online gaming sections. Live22  is now an operator where people don’t have to play games from a single gaming developer, which in fact adds diversity to the website’s gaming section and a lot more appeal.
Today this is the only way gaming companies can keep up in what is one of the world’s most competitive markets. Now the choice is not about buying the console or device that allows you to play the games you want, but instead, it is about the device itself because all devices allow multiple gaming titles from a diverse array of developers.

How Has This Benefited The Gaming Market?
, Rather than the dangers of the online gaming marketplace become a duopoly or even a monopoly of gaming designers that control what is released and what isn’t released, new gaming designers and developers have the chance to open their own gaming design studios to release their own style of game.
Firstly, this means the consumer now gets a fairer deal because obviously, the idea of a competitive market is to give the consumer a wider selection with more styles to choose from. When we say style, we mean adventure, action, kids, and many other categories.
Secondly, we are not going to be tied into the system such as the ones designed by Apple where you are locked into extortionate prices just because everything is compatible with only the brand you buy. This is exactly why so many people hail the Android operating system because they have released the code as an open source allowing any developer to design software and applications for devices that run the Android operating system.
Now when you imagine the online gaming is worth $135 billion according to Games industry Biz, then you can imagine that there is enough room for all the gaming companies to allow for multiple developers to feature on their websites.  

How Did The Games Industry Adapt To Multiple Devices?
There have been some amazing developments within the online gaming market since its inception, which was quite obvious when the very first internet routers were being introduced as dial-up modems into people’s home.
At first dial-up modems connected to PC and laptops. Before this, the high-quality games we had available were produced by companies such as Sega, Nintendo, and Sony amongst a few other smaller players in the gaming industry. Most of the PC games were not over great and were mostly Atari and Commodore Amiga games, which were actually pretty good without being too contradictory. There was also the Spectrum style games in which people were able to design their own game.
The issue with all of these devices was that we were locked into their system. If you wanted to play a game that was on one of these devices, in general, you would need to physically own the device. As you can imagine it is pretty difficult or even expensive to won a Sega, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and every other system out there – lest we not forget the Nintendo Gameboy.

In order to solve these issues what was needed was a way that developers could code their games for multiple devices. That happened and we began to see the same games like Medal of Honor appear on several different devices. This was OK but it still did not give us the freedom to play whatever game we wanted because many top titles like Sonic and Super Mario were still tied into their respective games console creators.
Companies like LIVE22 were at the forefront of solving this problem by speaking closely with top developers like Asia Gaming development studios, who have devised a system that means games can be designed for multiple devices and operating systems and the distribution via a central access system.

How Does Centralized Gaming Work?
This is the game changer for all of us. In fact, this has been the game changer for the entire gaming industry. The internet means we are all connected to the World Wide Web. Just to explain briefly, the internet is the physical system that we all connect to and data is passed through. That data is passed from server to server (computer to computer). Therefore all we need is the WWW to help us pass this data through the huge and very intricate internet system.

All that was needed was a central system where software designers could create several versions of their game for multiple devices. Online gamers can connect to this software area and the server they connect to looks at the device hardware peripherals, the operating system, the speed of the WiFiconnection and so on. The system can then send the best possible version of that game to the device so the player gets the best possible player experience.
Now, this does not work with game consoles as much but it has opened the doors to games console creators to also allow developers to allow designers to create games for their console. This is the knock effect of this type of technology.

Now just to rewind slightly here to make sure you are not confused. The central server system used to send the best possible version of a game according to the device is only used as an online gaming system. This is because we connect to the game and in the background, the servers that store and send the game to your device is operated online. This does not work well with games consoles as such.
With games consoles, you can still download games, but if you downloaded Medal of Honor onto your PlayStation 5, you would not be able to play it on your PC. The online system mentioned has not quite reached the games console market, but who knows with blockchain technology now on the verge of breaking through into the gaming industry who knows? Maybe we will see the games consoles designers become more flexible.
Probably the best take from all of this is that games consoles should be look over the shoulders right now because the way online gaming is allowing this adaptive technology to grow in strength has meant that an increasing number of people would prefer to play on a device that allows them to play games not just on their PC but also on their laptop, tablet, and smartphone.