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How Are Tattoos Done? – A Guide On Tattooing Techniques

Tattooing Techniques
Tattooing Techniques

Tattooing has spread worldwide in the last few years. Some walk into the tattooing studios to get it done by the professionals. Some just let their friends make the tattoo with a simple tattooing machine bought online. Others just get it done on the roadsides. Tattooing started as religious belief and cultural identification. They learnt to prick ink into blood to make the colour stay on the skin.

Here are some of the techniques that are used while making a tattoo

Bamboo Tattooing

The culture of Bamboo tattooing started in Japan. Bamboo wood is cut, smoothed down and rounded to make comfortable stick like needles. The ends of the wood are finished with sharp points. These ends act as the tattoo needle. This was one of the painful tattooing procedures.

Metal Tube Tattooing Technique

The technique is quite famous in the South East Asian countries. A thin metal rod is placed inside the hollow tubes. The rod has a sharp point. The artist dips the sharp point into the ink before tattooing on the skin. He presses the tube repeatedly for the rod to prick the skin and drop the ink into the blood.

The western and machine tattoos are based o this technique

Electrified Gun

Many of the tattooing studios use this technique. The needles are placed in the end of the gun. The gun is connected to a power supply. The needles are pressed against the ink and prick the skin 100s of time per second. The needles in the machine are of varied sizes depending in the thickness of the line to be drawn. The machine also selects the colour set by the artist accordingly.

The artist now simply hits a pedal with his legs to control the working area of the needle. The electrically controlled gun begins to press against the skin in slow motion to pierce it cleanly and accurately.

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Rake And Striking

It is quite popular in the South Pacific Islands. It uses a bone made rake to make a tattoo. The rake is dipped in the ink. The ink dipped rake is then hit with a strike to puncture the skin and spread the ink to the blood. This method is practiced with 2 persons working on the tattoo. The second person is an assistant who stretches the skin.

Other styles of Tattoo

  • Black and gray tattoos – It creates a shadowing effect to make the tattoo look 3 dimensional.
  • Celtic style – Designs created with knots to make different shapes
  • Traditional – It is the style of drawing ancient symbols and representations like eagles, tigers, etc
  • Yakuza – It mainly involves tattooing Buddha, lotus, dragons and other Chinese cultural images that depict stories in pictures
  • Stonework – The tattoo looks rustic with the style. Fine lines are used to fill the spaces to create the rustic look
  • Biomechanical – Involves machines and tools and other mechanical parts as designs.
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