Home Cleaning

If you are reading this article now, chances are you aren’t satisfied with your cleaning skills and just want to work on them. If that is the case, we appreciate you on this step of yours and the fact that you want to improve your cleaning skills. You see, the problem is that a lot of people out there think that cleaning is an easy task, but the truth is that no, cleaning is not easy; in fact, it’s a time-consuming process that’s supposed to be done correctly just like a professional cleaning service provider like SwiftClean does.

You need to follow a proper step-by-step guide to clean your house correctly, and above everything, you need the right supplies to help you reach the nooks and corners of your home. According to a study, an average American takes around 40 minutes to clean his house but guess what? That’s not the time a professional person takes to clean your house. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you must spend at least 1 hour or 2 hours to clean your home correctly.

According to Washroom Products Birmingham, if you are someone who really is in dire need of some tips and tricks for home cleaning, then yes, you are reading the right article. We will now jot down some impressive and mind-blowing tips right in front of you, so take notes of what we will tell you because this article can do wonders for your cleaning skills.

1- Decluttering 

Let’s get one thing straight if you aren’t decluttering your house and all the stuff that’s spread around, you can’t clean. Yes, you read it right, and even if you ask a professional, you’ll know that they first do declutter all the mess around. Once the floor is clear, they start with mopping, vacuuming, etc.

2- Clean your coffee maker with vinegar 

If there is a machine in your house that is used every single day, and even if you wash it every day, you still need to realize that there are bacteria in it. Now, as an example, take your coffee machine. You drink coffee every day, and chances are that you wash it right away, but guess what? It’s still not clean, and you must use vinegar to get rid of the bacteria and germs inside. Wash your coffee maker with vinegar if you don’t want to fall sick due to bacteria.

3- Put your sponges in the microwave 

We know this is new for you, but this will be the best thing you will ever do. You see, we don’t just throw away a sponge after cleaning a single shelf with it, right? In fact, that sponge is used several times in different places, which means that we are technically spreading zillions of bacteria without even realizing it. Now, to ensure that your sponge kills the bacteria, you only need to damp it in some water and then microwave it for a minute. Once done, your sponge is set to clean your shelves, dishes, etc.


These are some of the best cleaning tips and tricks. However, this isn’t it; in fact, there are a lot more tricks you will find online. So, read a little more and increase your knowledge of how to clean your house correctly.