Legal Battle
Legal Battle
Engaging in legal practices and matters charge a lot of pain and price. It gets even worse if you are fighting against your ex, as it involves emotions, heat and passion. It is exhaustive — both physically and mentally. 

Divorce is not easy but what comes after that is literally stressing. Taking up a case against your ex and winning that battle requires some really smart moves. One must be aware of the legal practices and phenomena beforehand in order to avoid injustice and inequality, especially when it comes to breaking up with your spouse and getting involved in a legal battle with them.

Is your marriage doomed? Are you guys heading towards a separation? All these matters require one solution: hire a divorce attorney. There are numerous law firms — Unified Lawyers — that provide legal awareness to those in need.

Tips to Win a Legal War Against Your Ex

Also, you can do your research for winning against your ex. We have come across amazing tips so if you are seeking advice to win a legal battle against your ex, read further.

Man Up Against Court Harassment

Sometimes your ex-partner tries to harass you through legal system or actions. Here’s a list of what they may do;
  • Make multiple and incorrect application at different courts
  • Threaten you constantly to go to court to win parenting
  • Humiliate or lie in a court about actions that never happened
  • Take the advantage of other party having no lawyer by making up some crises to get into court quickly.
  • Isolate the other party from having a lawyer
  • Use public services to make false accusation and pretend to be the abused person
If any of these abuses are done to you, take quick action against them by complaining the court. The court will help you stand against your ex by taking notice of the misconduct through proper process.

The judge can dismiss your ex’s application, prohibit them from making any further applications, or make them pay the expenses for the entire application process. So, the court will make your ex bear serious consequences.

Winning Child Custody Battle

Article 3 of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Child says “The child resides in accordance with the best interest of the child.”

Article 9 codes “The child's right not be separated from his or her parents against the child's will.

So, winning a child custody is one of the arduous thing to win at court. Your ex can be abusive or violent — sabotaging your every move. Are you ready to get yourself dragged through this long miserable process? Are you aware of the fact that during this fight your child health is affected, both mentally and physically? Do you know it is going to empty your bank accounts?

Risking your everything for a child is worth it but then you need to read about child custody laws in your country to have clever cognition about how you can win against your ex.

Strategize Your Moves to Win Child Custody:

  • Be cooperative: You can lose child custody for not being cooperative with your ex. You might be least interested in working with your ex but you need to in order to get your child. Court dismisses your application if you show an unwillingness to collaborate with another parent.
  • Custody evaluation: If you think that your ex might play dirty by portraying your bogus negative face and home life to the court, request for an in-home custody evaluation.
  • Fulfil your child’s right: One easy way to win child custody from your ex is spending the most time with your child, play with them, take them to school, help in their daily chores etc. Do everything to prove yourself as a dedicated, loving and competent parent. Certainly, winning custody is not more important than maintaining a close and beautiful relationship with them.
  • Documentation and lawyer: You have to prepare solid documentation of the interaction of your ex with you and your child if he/she has a bad history of physical or mental abuse. Also, if you think your child would be unsafe with the other parent, afford the best lawyer who understands the situation artfully.

Avoid Following Things to Win the Custody

Involving your child in the court process: Child’s mental and physical health is the thing you are most concerned about. So, avoid sharing court details with them and let them enjoy their childhood.
  • Making false allegation on your ex: Never come up with false abusive stories of your ex because any lie you false claim you make can be used against you in a court.
  • Consuming alcohol or drugs: The court will simply retain the custody from you if you are caught consuming alcohol and drugs. This can also be documented against you in a court for the safety of your kid.
  • Ignoring court orders: Refusing court orders can be the serious obstacles in winning your child’s custody as well as their love. Not fulfilling the court orders would ultimately give you a position of irresponsible and careless parent.

File a Divorce Successfully

Nobody wants to live in a suppressed, depressing and choking environment with an abusive partner. It is always a good decision to give up on a toxic person and file a divorce. But unfortunately, your ex can make this process ruthless for you for the sake of revenge or love. Checklist to file the divorce:
  • Hire an experienced lawyer
  • Take record of everything
  • Prepare for the worst scenarios
  • Resist subjective reactions
  • Minimize contact with your spouse
  • Know your boundaries
  • Share in Property is Your Right
A prenuptial agreement that you signed before your marriage tells about what the property rights would be if you guys end up in divorce. But your spouse may deny any of these rights after the breakup.
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So, make sure that you become a shareholder in the business you do together with your spouse or form partnership with them. Hire the best team of lawyers to help you gain half of the property and prepare paperwork against the violation of your rights while applying at the court.