Laser Fissure Treatment in Delhi
Laser Fissure Treatment in Delhi

A fissure is a condition which originates when the skin starts to erupt and then separates by pulling the skin apart. If it is left untreated, then fissures can transform into a very painful form i.e., known as ulcers. The very common type of fissures are anal fissures i.e., the tears occur in the lining of the anus of an individual which needs to be treated on time at most advanced laser clinic like the Pristyn care

Symptoms of Anal fissures:

  • Noticeable cracks or tears around the anus
  • Sensations of excessive burning and itching around and inside the anus
  • A noticeable amount of blood in the stool
  • Unbearable anal pain during and after passing the bowel movements.

General Causes of Anal fissures:

  • Constant excessive strain to pass the bowel movements and Prolonged term constipation
  • A Prolonged problem of diarrhoea and due to issues of Pregnancy and vaginal childbirth
  • Due to Anal sex
  • Due to over tightness of sphincter muscles around the anus
  • Due to the Cancer of the rectum
  • Continuous poor habits of cleaning

Diagnosis of Anal fissures: 

Anal fissures can be diagnosed by a good doctor or physician by visually examining the fissures of an individual. When once diagnosed, the treatment can be started easily.

Treatment of Anal fissures in Delhi: Generally treatments of anal fissures vary. The treatment generally depends upon analyzing the root cause of the fissures.

Individuals generally who do not clean the area of the anus properly can be given instructions on how to do that properly to find relief from the initial stages of fissures.

If the fissures caused by diseases like diarrhoea or the fissures still, do not start healing with these treatments, then the patient will have to choose surgery in order to correct the defects of the anus.

Among all the surgical methods available like open surgeries, laser surgeries are quite good beneficial, minimally invasive and is a painless treatment.

If constipation persists, then various medicines can be prescribed by the doctor to relieve the symptoms of fissures as early as possible. In some cases, medicated creams can also be prescribed to help find relief in pain and also help the fissures to heal properly. You can Get Most Advanced Laser Fissure Treatment in Delhi at Pristyn care laser clinics which are very advantageous and provide all types of laser surgeries in the area of Delhi. In Laser surgery technique, in which laser energy is radically transmitted using a probe which is inserted into the submucosal haemorrhoid nodes. This laser light directly shrinks the nodes of the epithelium and destroys the rest of the channel/ tract of fissures Laser Technique. LASER surgery usually helps in the prevention of the occurrence or recurrence of the prolapse. They are favourable over the Open methods of Anal Fissures treatments due to the various types of advantages:
  • Quick relief and fast recovery
  • Quick and Painless Treatment
  • Patient can starts normal activities within 24 hours
  • There are no restrictions regarding diet
  • There is no need for repeated Doctor visits
  • There is no requirement of Daily Dressings
  • This can be done in all the age groups with a minimally involved risk

Apart from the painful traditional surgical procedures, a patient can undergo laser surgery or laser treatment for finding relief from Fissures. Laser surgery for fissures in Delhi at Pristyn care clinics is very easy to achieve and is considered to be one of the best modern treatment for Fissures in Delhi.

Advantages of Pristyn Care Fissure Laser treatment in Delhi:

  • Pristyn care laser clinic provides a huge list of best physicians for the patients to choose from.
  • Pristyn Care Laser Clinic provides better health services to their patients with the latest techniques and devices that are USFDA approved, to treat the patient. These techniques are minimally invasive and involve painless treatment.
  • Pristyn care provides a long-term healthy life to the patients by lowering the future risk of the disease recurrence.
  • Pristyn care provides 24/7 personal support through customer care services.
  • Any patient can achieve treatment through advanced laser the technique at Pristyn care clinics in Delhi.
  • At Pristyn care laser clinics in Delhi, a patient can get good consultation and advice by the top physicians and can understand deeply about their diseased condition and the status of the disease. The patient is ensured that they are in an experts hand and can get good security by their particular physician. Pristyn care clinic provides 100 per cent assured treatment by the use of laser surgeries or various other surgeries like laparoscopic, gynecologic surgeries, etc.
  • All type of insurances is also accepted at Pristyn care clinics for the benefits of the patients and they also provide no-cost EMI payments methods also.
  • Post-surgery exercises and Diet plans are instructed to the patient with full concern. They also provide free post-surgery follow up with their patients.
  • At Pristyn care laser clinics, Free Pick up & Drop Facility for surgery is also available for the patient which makes these clinics unique in comparison to others.