Ben Hogan Equalizer
Ben Hogan Equalizer 

Golf is a game which can come with some serious equipment, and professional players spend a fortune making sure they are correctly kitted out. From blogs and magazines screaming, "the new Ben Hogan equalizer wedges are here!" to stores taking advantage of the fact that you need a whole new golfing wardrobe, it can be tempting to get caught up in the craze and spend money on things you don't really need (GPS for your golf cart anyone?)

There are, however, certain essentials every golfer should have in their arsenal to have the best chance of playing a good game and emerging victorious. To pare down your golf bag to the absolute essentials, here is what you need:

Rain Gloves

The grip is one of the most crucial aspects of a game of golf, and so gloves can be helpful to elements to help preserve this, mainly when the weather turns wet. Your club will become slippery and difficult to handle, distracting you from your game and costing you a win. Investing in good-quality gloves allows you to focus on the shot at hand and offers a more comfortable playing experience!

Golf Pencil

We have all been immersed in a game only to find ourselves distracted by the cry, "Hey, does anyone have a pencil?" Don't be that guy. A golf pencil will make you a god on the course and instantly help you gain friends and acquaintances wherever you go. A golf pencil will make you a god on the course and instantly help you gain friends and acquaintances wherever you go. 

Peaked Cap

Be prepared for any change in the weather, and avoid being blinded by a sudden burst of sunlight with your stylish peaked cap. This will give you shade if the weather turns and allow you to remain cool, calm, and collected with no unsavoury squinting.

Distance Measuring Device

You may have thought it was possible to navigate and measure distances using only your eyes, but in the modern world, more is needed. In the same way that Google allows us to keep our memory banks blissfully empty, distance-measuring devices have made us reliant on technology for this simple task. The two main types are laser and GPS. You are to impress your fellow players with this fantastic new toy. 

A Golfing Umbrella

Golf is a serious business and not one to be deterred by a little spot of rain. A quality golfing umbrella must help you play even through the most dramatic deluges. A quality golfing umbrella must help you play despite the most dramatic floods. Make sure yours is the biggest and brightest on the course, and you will be easily spotted from the safety of the bar where the sensible people are riding out the storm.

A Towel

Preparation is key! Keep your balls polished and grip firm by adding a towel to your golf bag. This will help to preserve the longevity of your equipment and help improve your game if you develop sweaty palms or bad weather during a round.