Daily commutes are not that easy, especially if you need to travel long distances in public transport. You have to make sure that you catch the right bus or subway to reach your destination on time. And, by chance, if you board a wrong bus, your entire day gets wasted. That's why buying personal transport, such as a car or two-wheeler makes sense. Now, the question is which one should you choose from the two? As a first-time rider, your thoughts may wander in both the directions. But think practically. Cars are a safe option, but they are pretty expensive. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are cheaper and can be a lot of fun. Here are a few insights to help you take your call.

Road travel enthusiast

In case you love exploring the roads for a thrill, go for a bike. A machine that is only a few hundred pounds in weight carries you on it from one point to another, giving you a feeling as if you are in the air. And if you are an adventure lover, then you know you can always heighten the fun quotient.

Fuel economy

Practically speaking, a two-wheel drive is more affordable compared to four-wheeler one. Cars consume more fuel and offer less mileage. So, if you are also looking at saving money in addition to having enjoyment, then again, the motorcycle makes a good choice.

Parking convenience

Some people don't buy personal transport because they feel parking can be an issue. Finding the right and safe place to park vehicle seems more like a challenge to them. And that's why they hesitate to entertain a thought of ownership of the personal vehicle. Don't abandon your dream because you also feel the same thing; instead, weigh your options thoroughly. Cars need more space to park, but bikes being sleek and small can fit into any area easily.

Time-saving mode of transportation

You can ride a bike in high occupancy traffic lanes and also between lanes, as per the traffic rules of the city. It means you can reach your workplace faster on a bike than a car.

Having a bike has its perks. For a first-time rider, buying a motorcycle is much more thoughtful. The reason is if you end up hitting it or fiddling with its wiring being a self-appointed mechanic, you will still be able to fix the problem without spending much, which is not possible in case of a car.

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