Printer For Various Purpose
 Printer For Various Purpose
With the rapid changes in technology, the quality of printers is gradually improving. At various levels of prices, consumers have more choices than ever to choose the best printer. For problem-free printing experience, you need to consider following factors when buying a printer. So, whether you want to acquire your first one or want to replace the existing due to more bells and whistles, you are at the right place to find the best printer for all your needs.

Choosing the Perfect Printer

Among the vast number of choices, it is not easy to choose the printer. For this first, you will need to make a good collection of questions like
  • What type of technology do you want to use - inkjet or laser
  • What will be your printing requirement - colour or black documents
  • Do you need additional functions - scanning and faxing
  • What will be the required page yield capacity of the printer?
  • What is your budget? etc.

Answering the above questions help you to make your process easy. But remember,

The manufacturer designed different types of printers for different needs. Here, let’s discuss the brief guide for your help:

For Home Users

At homes, printers are basically used by the people that run a small business from their bedroom. This could be selling things on e-commerce sites. For this, the printer will help you to print bills, kids assignments, or printing monthly shopping list. At homes, as you don’t work on a high number of copies but here you will need a versatile and affordable printer that can help you from printing text documents to beautiful images.

What suit you: An inkjet printer are always considered as the best choice for your versatile tasks. So, in this race, you can go with Canon Maxify MB2750, Brother DCP-J985DW printers. These printers have copier and scanner function. Moreover, its reasonable price is one of the key factors for its attraction.

2. For Corporate Offices

The printer is must-have equipment in every office. It enables to scan, print and copy various receipts, forms, or many other documents. Therefore, you always look for an all-in-one printer with durability and easy to use features.

What suits you: To meet your all needs, buying a multifunctional printer will be the best choice for you. So, if you have a small business, you can go with HP Envy Photo 5540, Epson EcoTank ET-4500 inkjet printers that can have all the above functions and can make your task easy. But for the big business organisations, that can spend any amount can go with modern laser printers.

3. Students

Basically, students need a printer to get their thesis, reports, charts, and graphs print-outs. Many times, they also need to scan and copy the documents. But all this work may not go throughout the year. Therefore, you need to find a printer that can work even after long time pause.

What suits you: Because of different requirements multifunction inkjet printer is always considered as the best choice for you. As HP Envy 4520, Epson Expression ET-2650 EcoTank printers provide you copy, fax, and scan options. In addition, these are available at various price alternatives by different brands.

4. For Road Warrior

If you travel a lot, or all your business dealings depend upon travelling. In such situations, it is very hard to carry a bulky printer with you at every time and place. Therefore, a businessman always looks for a slim and lightweight printer that can fulfil their printing requirements when you are either in the car or at the airport.

What suits you: To meet such business requirements, a mobile inkjet printer is the best choice like HP OfficeJet 250, Brother PocketJet PJ762. This is a coloured printer and can run on batteries. Most importantly, these can be easily connected to your laptop, wirelessly.

5. For Professional Photographers

In the world of digitalisation, taking pictures and transforming them into hard copies help the user to keep the memories for the future. For this, you need to buy a printer that can produce those images on quality photographic paper.

What suits you: for the photos, you need a great printer that can blend beautiful colours on the screen. So, in this range, you can choose HP OfficeJet Pro 8720, All-in-On, Canon Selphy CP1200 Inkjet printers. As these printers have a rich colour contrast to shape your images lasting memory.

6. For Books Printing Houses

When you want to establish a books or poetry printing business. Then the requirement for the printer will be completely different. Here, you look for speed and quality. And you would prefer a printer that can produce results on both sides of the paper, collate and staple.

What suits you: So, in order to meet your best printing requirements, the laser printer category always win the race. Because in printing compared to colours, special importance to the other factors is given. Therefore, choosing the HP LaserJet Pro M402n, HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn Laser colour printer in this range can be the best choice.

On The Go?

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The printer is one of the important devices of any office or home. This can help you to meet from professional to day to day business requirements. Therefore, while deciding the printer, it is highly essential to choose that you cannot think to change for the next 5 to 7 years.

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Lance Clemons is the industry marketing manager at Printzone, which is a warehouse of Printer Cartridges in Australia. He implements all marketing strategies and manages all communication plans for brand management. He loves to write and share his experiences in the latest technologies.