Life Easier
 Life Easier

Make my life easier, yeah right I hear you say, but it's really not impossible to have an easier life and although I'm not claiming that you can click your fingers and make life perfect there are various ways you can make some simple changes to improve life for the better.

1. Consider If Your Work-Life Balance Is Working For You

Work-Life Balance, it's a phrase that is creeping into our vocabulary and more and more of my contemporaries are talking of this. If you look at your work situation and analyse it based on what you get out of it and what it costs you. I found this out by making some changes in my life, I was running a very complicated business, and trying to raise a family at the same time, but since I've changed my schedule to work from home, taking more time with the kids it's giving me a much greater sense of purpose, less tired and more happy. Yes, I miss the extra money but almost everything else has improved. Cutting down your hours can be achieved in many professions such as this article shows in teaching.

2. Use New Technologies In Everyday Life

New technologies can make life incredibly easier and this can be seen with obvious examples such as health-care to smart technology and online business becoming easier. Think of your very own smartphone, it can act as a shopping mall, a phone, a translator, a newspaper, a social venue,a games machine, a video player, a personal stereo to name but a few devices from the past that it replaces, this would have been the stuff of science fiction fantasy just a decade or two ago!

3. Lease Rather Than Buy Your Vehicle

This is a really good way these days to make your life easier as one of the biggest hassles of life can be the ongoing hassle of arranging car repairs, servicing etc and this can all be lessened severely if you can find the right personal car leasing deal. What to do is ask your leasing agent if they can advise which deals include servicing and repairs and this is the key to a road to an easy, hassle-free motoring life.

4. Hire A Cleaner &/Or A Gardener

It's the household chores that take up so much of our time and takes away our personal and family time that on top of work makes life more stressful and less than ideal. But why not hire someone to do these tasks for you? It can be surprisingly affordable and frees up so much time that it's definitely worth it.

5. Cook Meals In Batches Ahead Of The Week

Maybe not the most exciting trick in the book but batch cooking and freezing ahead is a great way of freeing up time later in the week and can be done for lunches as well. It may seem like a hassle to do on say a Sunday afternoon but if you get the kids to help it can be a great way of spending family time together while freeing up more time later in the week for extra leisure time as well so it's a win-win situation.