Coupon Advertising
Coupon Advertising

We've outlined the most vital benefits of coupon advertising in 2023 that every business owner needs to know! Stop wasting time with research and advertising now!

From a sample of shoppers, 97% revealed they shop using coupons. A market is a large demographic that must be noticed in advertising.

Coupons aren't uncool anymore. If you're trying to market your business, you've got to do what's trendy. Saving people money is in.

Don't believe us? Here are some reasons for coupon advertising.

Coupons Have No Boundaries

Physical and electronic vouchers cater to the old-fashioned and the young.
A print coupon will target a homeowner or those that receive mail. Digital coupons target online shoppers or those uninterested in brick-and-mortar visits. A coupon's reach is boundless.

Saving money is simple. A frame bridge coupon requires less than a handful of clicks, and it could save you a lot.

Coupon marketing has adopted changes in technology. However, people have mostly stayed the same. Shoppers have always wanted a good deal.

Eggnog and Shopping

Coupons promote the product being sold, as well as the shop.
Benefit coupons are a great incentive to attract customers in slow buying months.
January is a slow month—it's a winddown from the holiday shopping bonanza. Draw their attention to the savings.
Get them out of the post-Christmas stupor and back into stores.

Bring In the New Crowds

Coupons are a gateway to new things. They draw interest and expand upon it.

Take Groupon as a prime example. It's a door to services or products that customers would never experience. Sports, classes, and even new amusement parks itch the prospective buyer.

Coupons reach all types of eager learners. They grab people with a minute interest in something, and if the deal is good enough, entice them to buy.

And family discounts? Experiences when you're young might feel menial at the time, but they leave a lasting effect. If your coupons can inspire nostalgia, it's excellent marketing.

Coupon advertising is a medium that has grown with society. As it grows, it will attract newer generations who will have picked up the "art of a deal" from their pop or mom.

Bystander Effect in Coupon Advertising

The goal of a well-polished coupon is to bring in customers. The discounted goods tempt the customer into buying the product.

But have you ever left the store with just what you came to buy? It's not likely. And it's a safe bet that almost everyone is the same way.

Coupons will lead these customers to your shop to buy the discounted item—that dish soap, that box fan for their hot bedroom, and that . . .

Coupons will increase the sales of everything. Even kitchen sinks.

Time's Up; Buy Now!

That bag is on sale until midnight tonight! It seems like an excellent deal; a price reduction has yet to be this high.

How can you pass up that bag? The deal is going to expire soon.


Buyers who face a timed exclusive will fear missing out on the deal. It's an incentive to buy as quickly as possible without logically weighing decisions.
  • Add to Cart and Checkout
  • Coupons are more than just a way to get inventory off the shop's shelves.
  • Coupon advertising is a marketing tactic that acts on buyers' psyches.
Coupons are far-reaching and create incentives even outside the shopping season. They form young habits and elicit new experiences. They also increase sales of other products and convince buyers to buy before time runs out.

They're an excellent source for marketing, but remember to try these other business tactics.