There are many golf clubs available for ladies, but before you even spend your hard-earned money on a new set, you may want to know important information about golf equipment for women.

What You Need To Know About Golf Clubs For Ladies?

This you have to know, golf club set is not cheap at all, hence it is only right that you decide right. Before you find yourself regretting about the set you just purchased, know about some of the information about golf equipment for ladies you are supposed to learn and find out:

Available companies that make golf clubs for ladies

Before you even buy a set for yourself, you must consider the companies that make golf clubs meant for ladies. Before, fewer companies made golf clubs specifically for ladies as the sport is most of the time played by men. The story is different now as there are many companies that offer and introduce women’s version of their usual or regular clubs. And this update gives women the opportunity to choose from the best golf club companies in the market today.
  • Tip: The brands/companies offer their clubs in different price ranges, there are some that offer more expensive clubs, there are some that offer more affordable clubs, bottom line, you have to prioritize quality all the time.

Boxing set or Piecing

The boxing set is best for casual golfers and beginners, this applies for both men and women, considering they are cheaper than piecing. For ladies considering playing golf seriously, it is highly recommended that they choose to piece, as this can let them choose carefully the specific club perfect for their abilities and expertise. The best way to do this route is through club fittings.

Is the ladies club different from the men’s club?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. The difference is far in many aspects. First off, companies that make ladies clubs choose pastel colours, like pink, and fancy prints on the women’s club, women’s model, ladies clubs (whatever they call it). Other than the cosmetics, shaft length, lofts, shaft flex and lie also differ.

Should ladies only choose from the ladies club?

As discussed above there are differences between ladies and men clubs, so preferably, it is highly recommended that ladies choose clubs meant for them. But, this should not limit ladies choosing from the regular clubs even the men’s clubs, depending on their abilities and capabilities, they can do it. Ladies who play well, especially those with lower handicapped may find men’s club a perfect fit.
  • Tip: Although you can still buy any clubs you feel like buying, it is still recommended that you buy clubs meant for women, as they are made and marked for a purpose.

Buying golf equipment and clubs for women can be very exciting, but needless to say, you should always decide and make your options right so one, you are not wasting money and two, you can enjoy playing the sporty a lot more.