Drug Testing

Drug testing has been around for a long time, but why do they do it? Well, there are many reasons for testing for drug use. The reason is that in many cases, the one who is using may have gotten hurt or worse, and therefore for informational and statistical purposes, whether a person was intoxicated or not or had recent use can show the status of why and how things happened.

For example, a lot of times when it comes to an employee that’s being drug tested, you may notice that their work habits have changed, or that if they have a drug problem, then you get backlash with a change of attitude, or even in some cases, they can do things which can harm themselves or other people, either on accident or on purpose. Therefore, drug testing aims to ensure that an employee or a person “at fault” is drug-free or just to inquire whether they were actively using a drug. More info can be found here http://www.hairfollicledrugtest2018.com/purpose-drug-testing/.

What are Some Types of Tests?

While employees aren’t the only ones affected, there are many reasons why drug tests are used. Alcohol tests are used by police to determine whether a person is driving while intoxicated to ensure that roadways are safe because it is unsafe both for the drunk driver and other people or pedestrians who are out.

When it comes to employees, many things can be warning signs, and the types of tests vary. Some employers still use mouth saliva swabs, even though these aren’t as accurate when it comes to DIY testing that is done by the employer anymore and has the highest rating of false positives. Most companies will use hair follicle testing for hiring people to ensure they’re not actively or recently been using, as well as urine analysis to ensure that they aren’t drunk at work or using drugs recreationally that could hinder their performance or cause injuries.

Why Do Companies Test?

This is for their own insurance (no, not their plan, but the company’s general well-being) and the employees' well-being. A company wants to ensure that their employee will not do something rash that could cause a loss of the company’s production in any way, shape, or form. When it happens, many things can ensue, from lawsuits, all the way to even work-related fatalities that cost companies thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars.


If you’re an employer, Psychemedics can help you achieve a drug-free workplace with various testing and policy implementation, as well as help with training programs that can help educate and maintain employee loyalty and help employees ensure that they do a lot. They primarily use hair testing methods which are the most accurate way to get results than urine analysis and even blood tests. They give a free consultation with their support program packages to help your company save and maintain productivity.