If you need to get your own Bitcoin to play the Bitcoin game, you have many options to use. Some of the methods of acquiring bitcoins for your own are explained below.

Buying Bitcoins for exchange

Exchanging bitcoins is among the primary ways one can use to acquire them. Some websites allow a person to purchase Bitcoin, including BTCE, Bitstamp, or even Carvitex, which is situated in Canada. They exchange the pair of you being a buyer with another seller that sells for the price you want.


All bitcoins come from mining them. All the bitcoins that will ever come across your eyes remember, at a certain point, they were extracted by the Bitcoin mining network. If you can access the mining rig, then you have to use that chance and mine it faster.

Optionally, you may be accessing a fast-working computer worth mining, then never let the chance go. You should be cautious with your laptop, too; in case it is not well cooled, you may risk it when you overheat it, which may brick your computer.

It is not a good idea to mine bitcoins using your computer. The reason is that it may be challenging to get any profit when there are more mining difficulties, and you use your computer. If your mining rig needs to be dedicated more, you might get meager returns from the mining process.

Buying from private brokers

If you are in a position to access Bitcoin brokers, then you should do the exchange with them. The process is complicated, but you will get the Bitcoin at the end of the day. Using this process, you must not give your real identity but only a valid wallet number to transfer cash from your account in exchange for Bitcoin. When you exchange Bitcoin with pocket money, banks cannot trace you. Just consider it as a business and go for Bitcoin.

When dealing with getting Bitcoin, you must be extra careful with safety measures to prevent being burned from your wallet. Anonymously trading like this exchange doesn’t require one to have the exchange securities. You may not know well the partner you purchase with if they are honest and legit or if they want to rip you and shady people.

Accepting Bitcoin as goods and services payments

The payment method using Bitcoin is self-explanatory, but many people need to remember it. Bitcoin is designed as a form of currency and can be accepted when trading apart from being a high-value commodity. When running a business, you may take bitcoins apart from cash, and you will realize you get many of them. It is a natural method.

If you check many business histories, Canada is one of the places where you will realize many of them accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Many directories help people to access local businesses that accept bitcoins. If you look at the website, you will find many local companies that take those bitcoins. Some of them include WordPress, Tiger Direct, and Reddit.


One can realize from the few ways above that accessing bitcoins has many forms. There are more natural ways than others, and when you know all of them, you will definitely get a perfect way to access Bitcoin for yourself. Choose the best way that suits you better and get these bitcoins now.