Vacuum cleaners are one of the most essential home appliances today. One can not even think of running or managing a house with a vacuum cleaner present. Dust or dirt is one thing of which everyone is allergic to more or less.

Therefore vacuum cleaners work just to save the homeowners from rapid embarrassment from guests too in a way. From the inception of vacuum cleaners, there have been evolutions happening in the vacuum cleaner genre.

As time passed by, vacuum cleaners have gone on to become more handy therefore smaller and technologically more beautiful. Let’s talk about the differences between upright and stick vacuums and let’s navigate which one is a better option today.

Upright vacuums: From the inception of vacuum cleaners, upright vacuums have been there. Probably everyone remembers their parents or grandparents using a heavy-duty Hoover vacuum cleaner. Those were bulky or heavy but very reliable; generally lasted for a long time. With the improvement of technology, these machines have increased in suction power and versatility.

Stick vacuums: On the other hand, since the last decade or so, the demand fora vacuum cleaner with more convenience and less weight has been made by the consumers. This made the invention speedy for the stick vacuum which is just a lighter version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Cyclonic technology improved and nowadays it is possible for stick vacuum owners to use their vacuums conveniently without necessarily losing out on suction power.

Let’s analyse the differences to get a better understanding of the two

Power for cleaning

The most prominent place to start is with suction power.

Upright vacuums are built to maximise suction power. Usually, an upright vacuum will have more suction power than a stick vacuum. However this is not the universal case, there can be exceptions.

There are many stick vacuums in the market which have an excellent amount of suction power. The stick vacuums generally take advantage of things like light weightiness and being ultra convenient. The best stick vacuums with high suction power are the complete package, but they are typically costly.

That is why it is obvious that for the same price and upright vacuum will have more suction power than a stick vacuum. For the same spend, one can generally expect to see upright vacuums having more suction power than an equivalently priced stick vacuum.

Again – without getting this the wrong way – one can find stick vacuums that have a bunch of suction power too. They will just be more expensive than the former. If one is looking for the full package that is a lightweight, versatile vacuum with lots of suction, then looking at the top-end stick vacuums is recommended.

On the other hand, many of the mid-ranged upright vacuums will have the same kind of suction power. It will generally be more substantial and bulkier than a stick vacuum, but one will get a lot of energy at an affordable and decent price.

Below are listed some situations where a higher suction is needed -

Cleaning objects like thick Carpet

Generally, thick carpets like shags have long fibres. This can contain a lot of dust and debris. With time, this dirt gets way deep into the threads of the carpet. Even if one only waits a few days in between vacuuming, there is a high possibility that the thick carpet and rugs already have dirt plunged into the base of the fibres.

Because of the carpet’s thickness, pulling all this dirt out of can require a vacuum that has a strong suction power. A vacuum with a brush roller can be an added necessity.

Weight indeed is not the first factor when one looks at or examines a vacuum cleaner, but it is surely a significant one. Heavier vacuums are generally harder to use and harder on the body. They are very tough to move and becomes a bad option when it comes to moving them up and down.

Meanwhile, a lightweight vacuum can make the cleaning a whole lot of comfortable. One will find vacuuming easier and will get the motivation to use the vacuum frequently.

Vacuums today can weigh from a range of 4 pounds to all the way up 20 pounds and above.

Obviously, there will be negotiations with nimbler weight vacuums. Typically, they don’t have as dominant of a motor, ensuing in an inferior suction. They also usually don’t have as large of storage bags for the debris that is collected, meaning one will have to empty the vacuum more often. The pros of a lightweight vacuum are pretty apparent including less weight to have to push and pull around the house as one goes over wide-ranging surfaces and up and down staircases. A lightweight vacuum lets you get the job done quicker and more comfortable.

Stick vacuums are almost always daintier in mass when compared to a comparable upright vacuum. Most stick vacuums generally weigh under 10 pounds, while one will find upright vacuums can weigh anywhere between 8-25 pounds. These are averages, of course, but it helps to understand the generalities.
With or without a cord:

Even before some years, a vacuum which didn’t have a cord was unthinkable. Generally, a vacuum needs a lot of power to process and suck up the dirt. It was thought that a battery cannot provide that much ability to the vacuum to work correctly. But with present technology cordless vacuums are possible today.

Owning a light-weight vacuum, a vacuum with no wire certainly help the life to heap to additional convenient makes it easier. It sounds a small amount unimportant, however disordered cords can sometimes become a real headache and that is why not dealing with it makes cleaning such a lot convenient. Hence going to the home and taking out the cordless vacuum makes merely one more motivated to clean the house.

Because it is so much easier, one will actually find oneself motivated to vacuum more. This will undoubtedly turn out to be resulting in a tidy home.


Generally speaking about the cordless vs corded vacuum cleaners, defining what one need out of their vacuums is an excellent step to determining which type is better for them. The more one needs out of the vacuum, the more versatile they will need their vacuum to be. Whether a stick vacuum or an upright vacuum, one will want to determine what specifics they will require first.

A lot of this has already been discussed above, but a quick review is worth it. Vacuums increase their versatility through their suction power and accessories.

The robust the suction power that the vacuum has, the more surfaces it can sufficiently vacuum. Likewise, the more accessories that a vacuum has, the more different types of specific needs it will be able to handle.