Medicare Supplement Plans
There are many Medical Supplement Plans to choose from, but the biggest challenge is which amongst them is the best to choose. One thing you have to consider is that no Medicare supplement plan fits all, meaning what is good for one person is not good for another. Hence, it is highly recommended that before you choose which one to take, you study and research further.
  • Wherever you are in Kansas, it is necessary that you choose supplemental coverage suiting your budget and lifestyle.
  • Before anything else, you have to make sure you have both the Medical parts A and B.

What Is Medicare Part A?

This part of the Medicare is the one helping to pay home health care, hospice care, skilled nursing facility and care in a hospital. For most of the people, Part A has zero to pay and has a “Per Period” deductible of $1364.00.

What Is Medicare Part B?

This part, on the other hand, helps pay outpatient hospital care, doctor bills, and all other services that are not covered and included on Part A. This part are $135 every month and an annual deductible of $185.00.

Enrolling To Medicare

Basically, there are 2 scenarios for Medicare enrollment:
  • Receiving Social Security: If the time being you are getting Social Security Payments, Medicare card will be received through the mail, by about 90 days preceding your sixty-fifth birthday
  • Not receiving Social Security: If you are not receiving such, you are required to enrol into Medicare through Social Security Dept by:
  • Call their hotline at 1-800-772-1213
  • Online at
  • Or you can visit Social Security office within your locality
  • Medicare Supplement Plans

Plan F:

  • This plan covers almost if not everything. Although there are some downfalls to consider like:
  • This is the most expensive plan available in the market
  • This plan has the highest rate increases compared to all other supplement plans
  • This plan will no longer be available to new enrollees by 2020

Plan G:

This plan has the widest coverage at the most affordable premium. It gives exactly what Plan F can provide only that you have to pay Part B (currently at $183.00 a year but may change as per Medicare discretion) for this plan.

Normally, this plan is between $300 to $400 less per year of Plan F premium. Once Part B is paid, you will receive exactly what those from Plan F will get.

Plan N:

This is the cheapest but you might be at more risk and potential highest out of pocket costs. Under this plan, you have to co-pay $20.00 for your doctor’s visits and $50.00 for emergency room visits.

Some may think that this is a wise option but wait until you know more about the plan. Other than co-pays, you are also to pay anything in excess of the charges on Part B. If your doctor accepts Medicare but unfortunately not assigned by the Medicare, your doctor may charge you 15% more of the amount approved by Medicare, legally. And that extra cost is going to be paid by you.

Knowing your options is necessary for your Medicare supplement plans in Kansas, ask for professional help to ensure you get what is the most suitable for you.