With each new season comes the chance to not only refresh your spirit and energy, but also the look and feel of your home decor. To get you inspired with delightful ways to make you every day all the more inspiring, here are some tried & true ideas to quickly update and refresh any room in your home, culled from the wisdom of the interior designers at D├ęcor Aid.


You may not know this, but it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting first impression. Set the tone for what’s inside by reconsidering the look and flow of your entryway or foyer. Even for a small space here are some essentials you should keep on your checklist; a small rug, a slim console table, an umbrella stand, a coat rack or coat hooks, a mirror, a large piece of artwork, scented candles, and of course, a stylish welcome mat. By doing so, you’ll elevate the look and feel of your home before any guest has even walked all the way inside. 


Candles make for a wonderfully stylish way to change the spirit of any room while adding a memorable scent to it. Create a charming scent story throughout your home while illuminating it with unusual vessels for a quick sense of stylish play.


No room refresh or upgrade would be complete without a thorough decluttering and a set of savvy new storage solutions. Carefully edit what you don’t need anymore while reevaluating what you really do need and admire. And be sure to bring in plenty of fresh storage features to help you keep tidy on a regular basis. 


All too often, people rely on a single overhead light to what they think will properly light a room. But on the contrary, original construction lighting is often cheap and designed solely to get the job done. For a more intriguing look, bring in multiple new lighting sources like table and walls lamps and sconces and place everything at varied spots to create a comforting and cozy vibe. And do bring in energy-saving bulbs to help keep lighting costs and your imprint on the environment down. The addition of a customised neon sign can add a great design feature and also an alternative source of atmospheric lighting.


From covering an accent wall with a vibrant wallpaper to switching out your headboard for something more statement-making, each room should boast a handful of well-judged accents pieces to really make it feel alive. Think about bringing in unexpected conversation starters to make your take on modern interior design feel all the more memorable and unique to you. That said, interesting focal points don’t have to cost a small fortune, so be creative with your approach.


If you’ve been feeling like your home is short on energy and a sense of play, keep in mind that nothing makes a room feel more alive than joyous colour and print. That said, you don’t have to opt for a room refresh devoted to an entire colour scheme. In fact, colour can be enjoyed in even the smallest of doses. From accent walls to throw pillows to rugs, the options are endless. 


Green thumb or not, there’s a plant out there that’s perfect for you. As not all plants require strict care and maintenance. Even better if you can bring in air purify plants that are easy to care for while adding a natural sense of beauty and texture throughout your home. All it takes is a bit of research on your part before you head to the store.


Whether you’re an avid traveller or not, use decorative items that are sentimental in feel to your advantage by creating spirited eclectic energy that’ll lend a room a sense of the well-travelled. Think far-flung extras and accessories that’ll add character while making it all the more unique to you.


Walk throughout your home and take note of what’s on each wall and the kind of feeling they lend a space altogether. For a room refresh that won’t cost a cent, take everything off your walls and basically start all over. By moving art pieces around that you already own, you’ll make a room feel new with expressive art that may just work better in a different spot.


Just like a great piece of artwork, centrepieces are a defining finishing touch for any room. But who says that they have to be glued in one spot their entire time in your home?

Instead, add a refreshed sense of drama and restage your tabletop accessories and think of unexpected placements that’ll highlight your pieces in a new light.

Think plays on scale and small groupings of collectables to really make a memorable statement.

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