Green Cleaning

We are all aware of the benefits of introducing more eco-friendly materials and techniques into our lives, and extensive research shows how this can positively impact the planet and our own lives. One of the easiest ways to start going green is by making a green cleaning routine, and this is a growing trend.

Even professionals like EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC - Treatment & Dog Inspection for Bed Bugs experts offer more environmentally-focused services. They and other providers are looking to reduce chemicals and do their bit to save the planet, and there is plenty you can do within your home to make a difference. Here are the simple changes you can make to be more environmentally friendly!

Reuse Where Possible

One of the most significant issues with cleaning is the popularity of single-use wipes to clean surfaces. Though convenient, these are usually non-recyclable, meaning we end up with waste piles in our landfills. Some homeowners will also flush these wipes, leading to blocked drains and pollution in streams, lakes, and rivers. To avoid this, invest in reusable cloths that can be used and washed repeatedly. These will have the same effect, but will be a massive saving for the planet—not to mention the cost savings!

Your products themselves can also benefit from this approach. Rather than buying countless plastic spray bottles, investing in one or two eco-friendly reusable bottles is better. Natural cleaning solutions can be decanted into these, reducing the amount of plastic required and allowing you to have a handy spray whenever needed.

Try Natural Options

We live in a world where many automatically associate cleanliness with bleach, and anything less is slovenly. In truth, a range of natural options can provide incredible results. A particular favorite is a baking soda, which can tackle any chore, from eliminating unwanted odors to removing stains, and can even be used to polish your jewelry! It is also a far less damaging option than the endless sprays and chemicals and offers a one-stop solution to various everyday household tasks.

White vinegar is also a hidden gem and is the secret weapon of many a savvy housekeeper who can get the windows to shine in a way many sprays cannot!

Embrace The Dirt

While you may feel that a clean environment helps improve your health, the truth is that the opposite may be exact. While no one is advocating living in squalor, research suggests that excessive cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing can harm your immune system, making it harder to fight off common illnesses.

Because in an ultra-sanitized environment, your body is unfamiliar with everyday germs and dirt, it cannot build up adequate defenses, resulting in a weakened ability to fight back. Essential cleanliness is crucial for good health and wellbeing—particularly around food preparation—but obsessively spraying bleach every hour may do more harm than good. It can help to take a step back once the basics are done and learn to embrace a little mess now and again. Your body will thank you!