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If you suspect your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is not being faithful, hiring an expert private investigator with years of experience dealing with infidelity is never a bad idea.

But before you put up your hard-earned cash to prove an affair, there are signs you can be on the lookout for on your own. Then when you have a meeting with your private investigator of choice, these causes for concern can be put on the table and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Today, we’ll give you some of the telltale signs you can be watching for at home. Some are probably obvious, but there are a few you may not have considered before.

So stay aware and make mental and physical notes of anything you consider to be suspicious behaviour. Check out our list below to help you on your way.

Changes in Routine. 

If you’ve been with someone for any length of time, you get to know their routines and can develop a bit of a sixth sense that alerts you when something is wrong. So if your spouse suddenly makes changes to the way he or she gets ready for work, begins wearing more cologne or perfume or stops packing their lunch, these are signs that there could be something going on.

Business Trips. 

Is your husband or wife suddenly taking more trips out of town for “business?” This is a red flag that should be investigated further to ensure that things are on the up and up. Just be careful how you investigate these matters because if he or she truly is away on business, it could cause a whole different set of problems in your relationship. If your spouse is suddenly aware that you don’t trust him or her and there is, in fact, nothing inappropriate going on, then you have something else to deal with that you weren’t planning on.

Spending More Time at Work. 

This is definitely something you should be concerned about, particularly if your husband or wife says that they’re working more overtime but there’s no difference in their paychecks. Consider showing up at their workplace unannounced or, at the very least, making a few phone calls at random times of the day. And if they aren’t where they say they are, it might be time to get a private investigator involved.

Suspicious Receipts. 

If you suddenly find receipts laying around for unexplained ATM withdrawals or credit card purchases, you can choose whether you want to confront your spouse about this or just file it away in your memory for later use. If you do mention it and there’s no good explanation or at least one you’re not satisfied with, then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do next.

Strange Phone Calls. 

The most common occurrences to be on the lookout for here include people hanging up when you answer the phone or your spouse immediately leaving the home after receiving a phone call from a workmate or what’s described to you as a “wrong number.”

Becoming Defensive. 

If your spouse suddenly gets defensive or angry when you ask questions, then you need to ask yourself why this is. Now it’s true that this can become a bit of a burden if the questions are excessively frequent and you’ve received legitimate answers to them before. But if that’s not the case and all you want to do is have is a normal conversation with your spouse, then there should be no need for things to get out of hand. If they do, remove yourself from the situation and consider what your husband or wife has to be upset and/or defensive about.

Becoming Distant. 

If you feel your spouse pulling away from you emotionally, then it’s definitely time to have a talk. If there’s an affair that’s already going on, it may have gotten to the point where it’s too late. But you can at least make an effort. And if you have and it’s not good enough, then you can always hire an investigator, get proof and move on with your life.


It is in my experience if your partner is showing 4-5 of these signs, it could be time to look into some options to put your mind at ease. Whether you decide to do some investigative work yourself or hire a professional, no one needs to live in doubt when it comes to their spouse.


Danny Garcia is a licensed Private Investigator in Dallas Texas and the lead investigator for ACES Private Investigations Dallas. Danny is a U.S. Army veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He holds a purple degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bachelors in Criminal Justice Texas A&M, and has been a private investigator for more than 15 years.