Progressive Web App / Chatbots / VR / AR – Most Important Information Technology Trend in 2024

Having a bunch of apps on your mobile phone is commonplace, with almost all users having a selection of applications on their phones. In the coming 2024, companies in the information technology arena will have to develop more attractive tools with advanced features to remain competitive and entice users into downloading their offerings.

To understand the apps companies are developing for release in 2024, researched the market and interviewed one of the leading Digital Tech companies, Openminds. Here are the results of the survey.

Progressive Web App or PWA has discovered that the mobile app industry is veritably saturated with many tools and applications. As a result, users seem uninterested in installing new apps. Given a choice between browsing using a mobile app or a website, users prefer to spend more time on internet platforms. That's because conventional websites typically have a larger screen with more operational functions that help streamline the interactive browsing experience. When compared to a mobile app, websites have several positives.

A new paradigm called the Progressive Website App has been developed, a design outline that must include three main features such as:

  • Dependability—The tool's instant loading time allows users to access websites without displaying dead nets or downstairs, even if their internet connections are unstable.
  • Speedy – Responsive interface with uninterrupted animation loading and smooth scrolling
  • Immersive user experience – Streamlined features for an engaging feel
In short, the Progressive Website App (PWA) intends to upgrade the user experience of the internet browser to be comparable to the mobile app. People using their internet browser should be able to access the typical features of all websites for functions such as shopping, keeping up with current events, and booking cabs without installing the app on their phones. Depending on the position they wish to perform, they should also be able to use the app offline.

Research conducted by shows that by adopting the Progressive Website App PWA, several companies have been able to develop that all-essential edge over their competition. Here are a few examples:

  • Flipkart has raised its acquisition rates of new customers by 50%.
  • Pinterest has increased its turnover by 44%
  • Treebo has a higher conversion rate of up to 4 times, with the time interval that users remain on the site increasing by 40%.
  • Trivago has noted a higher click-through rate of 97%


Most companies that are product-driven or offer online shopping have been using Chatbots to provide customers with high-end consumer satisfaction. Companies are now recognizing how automated response tools or ChatBots can raise the efficient working of their businesses and provide better services to their customers. Such devices can perform various functions, such as answering queries, resolving complaints, and solving customer problems.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Although AR and VR technologies have been in use for a long while, companies are now adopting them to increase their brands' visibility and raise their customers' engagement rates. For example, Apple has recently released a new iPhone compatible with AR technology. Across the world, companies are exploring the possibility of using AR and VR to raise the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. The year 2024 will likely see significant advancements in these technologies.

To quote a recent example, 2Easy received outreach from one of the leading global cosmetic brands talking about initiating a marketing project in the Singapore market. The cosmetic giant required an agency that could plan an advertising campaign that included a VR game and a well-organized publicity event. 2Easy connected them to one of the leading VR production companies in Hong Kong with the minimum of time and effort and finalize the million-dollar project.

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