The safety of a school requires some serious monitoring. Whether it is the humans or the environmental factors, anything can put the lives of students, staff and visitors at stake. Hence, one must be prepared for the upcoming emergencies and try to prevent them. Though human error may exist every now and then, be do have secured our schools from environmental changes and disasters. And, one of the ways to keep the students, teachers and visitors of your school safe is by using weather stations for schools. It will give you automated weather alerts from time to time for the administration to keep the school safe. Thus, you will never take chances when it is about severe weather.

It is the duty of the school to keep the students safe from tornadoes, storms, lightning, thunder and hazardous weather condition. Weather stations for schools offer a suite of chronic climatic intelligence products and service to make sure that the day to day operations and events of the school are safe.

  • It enhances security and prepares you for severe weather conditions.
  • The weather alert system warns the staff and helps them plan administrative and faculty operation ahead of time.
  • It protects the campus, sports and recreation areas from getting struck by dangerous lightning or storm.
So, in order to keep your community and students secure, you have to set the parameters of the lighting radar and will handle the rest. It has been specifically designed to alert when lightning approaches a specific radius near your school. Thus, all in all, you can keep the students, athletes, administrative team, faculty and visitors secure.

The weather stations for schools have been made to measure all types of weather threats and to record crucial details about the environment for future reference. The best part is that it doesn’t require any major maintenance and is fully automated. Whether you want to measure the humidity level or cold temperature outside to know when the students can go out and play, you have access to real-time local weather.

Weather Alert System protects students While they are in School

Though the topmost priority of the schools is to educate the kids the next priority is to keep them safe. You have several dangerous situations to prevent the school kids from and bad weather is one of them. Students go out in the playground for a number of reasons. Whether it is play time or exercise hour, sports day practice or athletic meet, the students time table varies. Thus, you cannot leave the students at the mercy of the weather. When you use a weather alert system, you actually set up an alert to warn the students and staff to be aware that it is not safe to stay out.

Protect sports day and events

Outdoor sports and student activities mean that you are exposed to the outdoor threats more. Thus, the weather alerts give you a hint of any change in the weather from beforehand and hence you get prepared to move in from before.