Nootropics are the new kid on the block when it comes to stimulants, and their prevalence and popularity leads many to the incorrect assumption that they are automatically safe. While there are benefits to taking these drugs, the truth is that there are always negatives to any situation. Nootropics do come with a range of side-effects and potential risks, primarily due to the lack of long-term research which has been done on the substances.

Before you decide to try out phenibut HCL capsules or similar substances, It is essential to make sure that you are fully aware and informed about the potential dangers before you start taking nootropics. There is a range of ways to help minimize any potential damage and keep yourself safe. These tips can help you to protect yourself from long-term damage or effects. 

Make Sure Your Brain Is Developed

Using drugs on a still-forming brain is a recipe for disaster, and so it is essential to ensure that the human brain is fully developed before taking any nootropics. As a guide, this is around your mid-20’s. Using these substances before this point could cause permanent, irreversible damage to a still-forming brain.

Minimize The Dose

Everyone is different, and there is no way to tell how you will react to a drug before you take it. For this reason, you should start with the lowest possible dose, and very slowly work your way up if needed. Stick to the lowest possible dose that provides the cognitive enhancing effect you desire. Heading straight in at a high dose could result in changes to the brain which can be irreversible. 

Do Your Research

Before using nootropics, make sure you know why you want to take them, and how you plan on using them. Make sure you research how the drug works, the different dosages, and the potential effect on the brain. Being fully informed will not protect you completely, but it can help you to lower your potential risk.

Do Not Overdo It

Nootropics should only be used as and when needed. Wait until you are faced with a cognitively demanding task to use them, and avoid over-medicating. Too much of a good thing is a genuine possibility here and could result in side effects such as disruption to sleep cycles and other unwanted and detrimental effects. 

Give Your Body A Break

Nootropics and other substances are foreign elements as far as your body is concerned. As humans, we did not evolve to take supplements or medications, and so it is important to give your body a break now and then. This process, known as “off cycling” also reduces the risk of your becoming dependent on the drug, or tolerant of the effect and requiring a higher dosage for the same results. 

Avoid Taking Them

If you have doubts or concerns, stay away. There are plenty of other options to boost your cognitive function and concentration, and not enough is currently known about nootropics to have any idea about their long term effects or impacts. For the sake of your health, avoidance is best.