There is no doubt that you love your dog. They are adorable, cute and lovable. Despite all these, you are probably worried thinking of how to protect carpet from dog urine. Well, after reading this article you will have a complete idea about what to do and how to do if you want to keep your carpet away from dog urine.

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Here are the ultimate solutions:

1. Positive reinforcement

You may ask what positive reinforcement is. Well, in terms of dogs, positive reinforcement refers to some collective tasks that motivate your dog not to urinate in the carpet in the first place. Let’s see some basic positive reinforcement for your dog:

Train your dog to use the bathroom. If you take your dog to the washroom after a certain period of time and can get them trained to use that, it will be the best solution.

Never show negative reactions to your dog. If accidentally your dog urinates on carpet or anything like that, never get angry and shout. Your negative reinforcement might not work properly, rather become a boomerang.

Make a fence or boundary for the dog. Train your dog to stay inside that and not to go on carpets to walk or urinate.

2. Make a cage

Don’t let loose your dog when you leave your home. You should make a cage or buy one for your dog so that you can put your dog inside it when you go out of your home. It is because,at that time, you can not control your dog. And it may urinate not only on your carpet but also on your bed. But, make sure that the cage you make or buy for your dog is comfortable and big enough for easy movement and ventilation.

3. Use Dog Pad made for floor protection

In modern pet shops, dog pad is a common product. This has a great advantage for dogs those are much prone to urinate frequently. You can buy a dog pad for your dog from the nearest pet shop and use it. If you are worried about their displacement, you can also consider buying a dog pad holder which will make sure that the pad is in the right place and working properly. Check out this article puppy training tips if you want to learn more about training your dog with dog pee pads for your own convenience.

4. Have a cautious look

There are some specific moments when dogs feel like peeing. Early morning, before going to bed, after every meal, and after coming arising from a nap. You have to keep very vigilant eyes in their activities to get alert their probable time of urination.

5. Use rugs on carpet

Using rugs on carpet can be a great solution for keeping your carpet out of urination. You should buy rugs that cover the whole carpet and thus keeps it safe.

6. Immediate Cleaning

If all the effort mentioned above fails and your dog urinates on the carpet, do not worry and pull your hair. Just take a soft towel or tissue to clear off the urine. After that, use plain water to rinse the spot off. The quicker you can do that, the better it is. If you can do this immediately, you can get rid of the smell and permanent stain.

How To Clean Carpet If Your Dog Urinated On It?

If you cannot clean the urine immediately, then what should you do? Here, we are moving to the phase when you will know how to clean the carpet if accidentally your dog urinate on it and you have not seen that on the exact time. There are various ways that can be used to clean your carpet.

Here are some proven ways that really works to clean your carpet from the stain and smell of dog’s urine.

To remove the bad smell of the urine, baking soda is the best thing. Take some baking soda and spread it on the spot of the dog’s urination. But, you must be careful about the quantity while you use baking soda. You should not use more than ¼ cup. After 12 hours, clean the spot with a vacuum cleaner.

Another proven method to remove the odour of the dog’s urine from the carpet is using a mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda. Take one cup vinegar, mix it with one cup of water and finally with baking soda around two tablespoons. That’s it. You should spray this solution on the stein of the urine and after few minutes clean the whole area off with towels or tissues.
  • If you want a complex solution, you can use hydrogen peroxide by mixing it with liquid soap.
  • Enzyme-based cleaner and ammonia also work great.
  • If you want a fresh smell from the carpet, you can also use spray lemon freshener on that portion of the carpet.
  • If you have a pet shop or grocery near you, you can buy commercial repellants to get rid of the odour of the urine from the carpet.
  • While cleaning, make sure that you have used rubber gloves on your hand. It is to be done so that no bacteria can cause you harm while working.
  • By the way, if you cannot clean the carpet properly following the instructions given above, or find all these things complex, then you should take the help of a professional cleaner. He can help you to bring back the carpet as it was before.
Last but not less important, it is really important that you try your best to keep the whole house clean. Using a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week can create a good environment to live. Unclean house works to motivate your dog to pee anywhere anytime.By the way, you should add a pet-proof Aicool smart trash can to keep your home clean and dog healthy


We all love and adore dogs. We should take care of them properly. It is our duty to ensure that they are in comfort. At the same time, if we are not aware of their natural needs and do not train them, we may end up getting frustrated with them. We should train them in a way that all our household things are not messed up by them. I hope that this comprehensive guide will give you a clear idea of how to protect carpet from dog urine.