Online networks are the best place for adverts and selling. In each business, support officials need to learn ways to give great customer service with social media. It entails listening, acting accordingly and always sticking to what the client says.

What is great customer service on online platforms? Social networking platforms bring great sales opportunities but if you assume that they are just places where they can post adverts, your business is likely to fail.

Ways to Ensure Great Customer Service on Social Platforms

1. Prepare a client support plan

A plan is crucial when it comes to great customer service. Begin with defining the company’s strategy. Determine how you will use online platforms to establish a good relationship with clients and grow the company.

The next step is to determine the best social media customer care tools for contacting your clients. After that, create a process for managing issues that may come about unexpectedly. If, for instance, you are running a hotel, your client might find some strange item in the food and then post about it on social networks. Once this happens, the hotel is in trouble.

Creating a crisis plan will enable you to know how to handle such real-time issues.

2. Teach your workers

To ensure great customer service, the client support representatives must understand the theories and protocols of your business. You must teach them about the company’s online platforms strategy, brand positioning and the best tools to use.

Also, the workers should be taught about the ways to handle customer support. Ensure to emphasize that clients’ complaints are crucial and make your staff understand that negative reviews can impact the company significantly.

3. Address issues and act accordingly

We all know how scary bad comments can be when struggling to provide great customer service. They can make customers never come back again and the company will end up collapsing. To handle the issues that come up effectively, ensure you first hear what the customers are complaining about and then think of the best solution.

When your customers write bad comments about the company on social networks, request them to send emails so that you can solve their issues offline. Bad remarks will still appear on social media but the others will see that you are making an effort to sort out the problems. This will give them the feeling that you care about your clients and are ready to offer the best social media customer service.

4. Get feedback

Always ask your customers to write reviews on your social media platforms. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, ask the clients to write their feedback there. This helps to find out where the company needs to enhance and advance in improving customer relations.

5. Quick responses

Customer service through social media must be quick. Do not take too long to respond to your clients on social networks. Delayed replies will make the customers feel that they are not your priority and you will eventually lose them.

6. Create different products

Getting feedback enables companies to come up with new products which the customers are interested in and that will increase sales.

For instance, you manufacture bread and your customers need a certain flavour, and they mention it on your social network. Check the number of requests of that new flavour and determine if it is worth considering to add it to your recipe. And if many customers want the new taste, then it could be profitable to start manufacturing such bread as you’ll sell more of your product. With that, you will show that you follow the voice of the people and thus are offering the best customer service through social media.

7. Share the insights of customers

To ensure you give great customer service, any feedback from clients should be shared with the rest of the employees. The personnel of the researching and development departments needs to know about the complaints people make regarding their products. Legal officials also have to be aware of the lawsuits they might encounter because of the unsatisfactory quality of the product. Lastly, the executive group should be cognizant of the market and rivals.

8. Learn from problems that happen often

You should record all issues that come about and identify which happen often. Once you find the problems that occur, again and again, consider adding advice on settling them to your FAQ section of the company’s website or blog. Troubles that keep repeating need to be tackled for the company to grow. And if they happen so many times, then business owners should search for the ways to completely eliminate them and provide great customer service anytime.


Those are the best ways of ensuring that one offers great customer service on social media. The main thing is to establish a clear support process and make certain listening to your clients. The customer service subject is too important on different marketing conferences. For example, there is a full section at Max Polyakov’s Noosphere conference where experts discuss the ways of improving customer service through social media.

Did you find our information useful? If you are running a business, please share with us any other ways of handling customers that you use besides what we have explained here. Also, if you have a question, just write to us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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