You might be a person who is almost well-versed with everything from clothing to housing utensils or whatever you might think of. Or you might be someone who has the ability to predetermine what makes a good gift to be given to someone but ends up being on the other end and got some gift card that you might not find useful for you.

Or you encountered retails stores who sell gift cards bought their gift cards because you thought that you might need in the future and ends up not really having the need to use it, and ends up asking what to you can do with such gift cards that you do not really want to have. Or that what might tend to happen if you try to just spend a portion of such gift card and do not want to utilize the remaining amount?

You don’t have to worry because you no longer have to let those gift cards go to waste. Below are some of the available options that you can make use of –

1. You can have your gift card exchanged online and get one that you actually want

The board chair of Retail Gift Card Association once said that more often than not, the gift card givers won’t let you down, however, when there comes a time that they do, you should not be sad about it because there are other options that you can choose from.

You can either donate your gift card, or you can resell it, or like the point in this item, have it exchanged to the gift card that you actually want. There are gift card exchange sites where consumers like you can have your gift cards sold and exchange yours with something that is actually of value for you. There is even one site that promises to save shoppers some significant amounts of discounts. In this website, you can have your unwanted or partially used gift card for sale or for exchange.

It may be convenient to just sell or exchange your gift card with another but it is essential that you should read the terms of the site first before you proceed with any kind of transaction. It is very important to always look for a post-purchase guarantee so that you can be ensured that the cards that you bought or exchanged are legitimate. There are other consumers who received defective or no value cards, so make it is best to make sure that when things like this happen, you can still be able to get a refund.

2. You can trade your gift cards in a store

If you do not want to risk or get hassled by online swapping, you can also choose to go and exchange your card at the store. There are stores who offer trade-in programs which allow guests to bring in and exchange their unwanted or unused third-party gift cards. The trade is going to be based on such gift card’s eligibility wherein the store will make an offer to such consumer.

There are also stores wherein customers can sell their third-party gift cards. The program then accepts gift cards for about 150 stores and then it will make you an offer in return. You may get paid in cash in consideration of the gift card, or exchange it with another.

3. You can choose to keep the change

When you are thinking of using up your gift card, chances are you might get stuck of thinking if you should really go and spend it or just keep it in place for future plans. There is always the risk that when you start to spend your gift card, you will end up spending more than what the value of such gift card covers. Be that at it may, there are still at least 72% consumer who is willing to spend more than the value of their gift cards. The underlying reason for could that when you know that you still have a dollar left in your gift card and not use it, you cannot help but think that your $1 has gone to waste. If you think this way, then it is best that you look for ways wherein instead of having to spend more, you can just have the remaining amount exchanged for actual cash. There are certain rules on what will be eligible to be redeemed in cash. You can try and check on a state that has this kind of law, and if it does then you should be able to request the retailer to redeem the remaining amount in cash should it qualify to their required threshold.

4. Some more tips when you give gift cards

Should you choose to either sell your gift card or have it exchanged to another, there is also a likelihood that you will turn from being a gift recipient to a gift card giver. The holiday season is always the time of the year that gift cards are the most requested to be given, thus you can avoid having to place your family and friends to be in an unwarranted position by carefully selecting the gift cards that you intend to give.

You may first take into consideration the financial situation of such certain retailer because if the retailer will end up filing for bankruptcy, chances are your gift card recipient may be left in limbo.

5. Just don’t forget about your gift cards

When such time comes that you finally have a gift card on hand that you have always wanted, always make sure that you will use it wisely. This is because a number of consumers tend to forget that they have such gift cards in the first place.

You should give yourself some sense of urgency to yourself, especially if you got that gift card as a gift from someone. You should also consider that the giver of that gift card wanted you to use it, so better make use of the money that they spent for such.