Cozy Up Your House
Cozy Up Your House

Do you know that the house is essential in a happy marriage? If yes, have you ever tried to make your house a home for your family? Read on to find out our recommendations!

A house is a place for every family member to return after a hard-working day. It is like a peaceful shelter from daily life's hustle and bustle. A cozy house promises to keep you and your partner close to each other in the long run.

You may understand the importance of a comfortable house but need to figure out how to cozy up your living place? Devon Wick is here to help!

Our article today provides valuable tips and points out some typical mistakes when decorating the house. Skip this now, and you will regret it later!

I will not keep you waiting anymore; here is the advice!

Tips To Make Your House A Home

1. Have a vase of flowers

A vase of various flowers may breathe new life into your house. Not only does it adds colors, but it also positively changes your mood. After hours of working tirelessly, your husband can refresh his mind just by looking at the flowers.

There is no need to go for expensive flowers. Instead, focus more on the colors and the smell of the flowers you intend to buy. A mild scent can improve the atmosphere of the whole house.

One more thing, do not forget to purchase the kinds of flowers matching your house’s style.

For example, a transparent vase of blooming roses may suit a modern house better.

Having a vase of flowers

Having a vase of flowers - Do Choi Tinh Duc Gia Re.

2. Get some comfy pillows

  • As we all know, home is where we unwind from the hectic work and study schedule.
  • Therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible.
How to do so? One helpful suggestion is to throw pillows whenever suitable. Not just on your couch, but soft cushions also suit other corners. From your bed to outdoors, you can never go wrong with investing in high-quality and comfy pillows.

3. Place a soft doormat

A doormat is the first thing you see when stepping into a house. Therefore, a soft item may perform its purposes better than a complex product. Why?

The softness provided can soothe your tiredness and relieve your stress immediately. Besides, it helps to warm your living space up considerably.

Spend a few dollars on a beautiful rug and wait for the result! You may be surprised!

Go for a soft doormat.
Go for a soft doormat.

4. Show pictures of your family

A great but simple way to enhance the comfort in your house!

Imagine you return home after a busy day and look at the photos of your happy family. Is it so relaxing, right? The cheerful faces of your beloved ones can brighten your day and motivate you to work towards your goals.

What’s more?

The photos displayed turn your living space into a natural home. It goes beyond a building with woods and bricks, but the house where you and your dearest love live. You are free from fear and anxiety there, and only happiness remains.

Where to hang the photos? The decision depends mainly on your personal preferences. Walls and tables are the two most highly recommended places because of their convenience.

5. Use soft lighting

If you prefer much brightness in the house, skip this advice. However, if a cozy atmosphere is your ultimate goal, consider using soft lighting.

What is soft lighting? Generally speaking, soft lighting comes from a diffuse light source with lower intensity than shining light. It offers your house the feeling of inviting, warm and welcoming.

You can include soft lighting in the living space by using a lower-wattage bulb or soft white or yellow bulbs. These appliances are available in every electronics store in your neighborhood. There is also a wide variety of shapes and colors for you to choose from.

6. Light up a few candles

Do you want a cozy space, but your family is on a tight budget? Do not worry; we got your back!

Using candles is the cheapest method in our list of tips today. Their flickering light works wonders in adding extra ambiance to the house.

Burning candles

Burning candles has a lot of benefits.

Still, trying to convince? One interesting fact is that candles are great mood setters, as they can lift the mood of both owners and guests.

You can use candles to fill the house with your favorite scent. Candle manufacturers produce many fragrances, from warm and cozy to clean and refreshing smells. The choice is up to you!

You have gone through the 6 most significant ways of cozying up your house! Now discover some common mistakes when warming the house up to avoid!


1. Place too many accessories

Although you are advised to display your favorite items in the house, avoid scattering too many. A few things may look lovely, but a large group forms a clutter. Nobody wants to live in a mess, right?

You should limit the number of accessories placed in one spot. Three to four are enough. One golden rule to keep in mind: less is more.

2. Blocking natural light

Trust me; this is a severe mistake when cozying up the house.

Perhaps because of your furniture or the location, your house lacks natural light. You should improve the situation immediately since sunlight has some health benefits. Besides, the warm sunshine creates a welcoming feeling for the place that artificial lighting cannot provide.

Do not worry! You can fix this problem with ease. One option is to use glass doors and windows wherever you can. Remember to keep them clean to allow as much light as possible.

When planning the decorations, consider lighter wall colors to reflect the light. As you know, darker colors absorb it.

3. Hanging photos too high on the wall

The lesson here is to hang the pictures at your eye level. You do not want to strain your neck to see the cheerful faces of your family members every time, do you?

The average eye level is 150 centimeters from the ground up, where you should stick your pictures to the wall. You can attract the most attention from that spot while still admiring the photos without trouble.

Hang the photos at your eye level
Hang the photos at your eye level 


A cozy living space is crucial for family members to stay close for years. Never leave your house cold and bland, or your beloved ones will gradually dislike returning home. Make your house feel like a home with our brilliant tips above. Also, remember the common mistakes listed to avoid. I guarantee you a super comfy place with this article.

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If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment section. I am more than willing to help. See you! Devon Wick