At a certain stage, every company faces the challenge of hiring the team of employees who are loyal and highly involved. The modern generation is different from their parents. They are raised under the conditions of the worldwide economic crisis. For this reason, they are open-minded, fearless, and demanding.

Present-day world is open, there are no boundaries. Even staying at home people can check what is the situation in the neighbouring or rival company. Entertainment is available on the Internet as one may gamble in trusted South African online casinos or shop without even leaving a coach. Young people may easily build a career on the internet. Thus, to attract professional in a team, modern companies have to prove their value to potential employees.

Generation Y, as well as their followers, are highly demanding. Thus, to find a skilled and qualified employee, the companies shall put efforts. Before inviting candidates for an interview, it is recommended to get ready.

Preparation for Search of an Employee:

  • Making of a list of exact duties which will be imposed on a future staff member. In such a way, a company will know exactly which competence and skills are demanded. Besides, the interviewer will have a clear comprehension of his or her future responsibilities.
  • Defining of criteria and indices on which an employee will influence. It is a part of an efficient and successful motivation. Achieving a certain result shall lead to the payment of bonuses or getting other rewards. Besides, this approach helps to precisely identify the tasks of a particular team member and the expected results.
  • Defining a valuable accomplished result which shall include precise requirements. For instance, a sales manager has to make calls to potential customers. This is an abstract and vague task. But the requirement to make a hundred calls per day is specific.
  • However, finding a specialist is not the final result. It is essential that a company shall provide conditions which will be suitable and satisfying. Otherwise, nothing will make an unsatisfied employee stay.
  • The rate of a company appeal can be easily measured and expressed in figures. Employer attractiveness index shows how comfortable, interesting and profitable it is to work in a particular company.

What Influences EAI

  • Employees’ involvement in communication;
  • The company values sharing by the team;
  • The way an employee feels like a part of a team and involves in its activity;
  • Raising the efficiency of each employee.
There is one more critical and essential aspect, it is the loyalty of a team to a company. It can also be measured as the ratio between the number of team members satisfied with the company and those who are negatively spirited. The result is calculated by means of a poll carried out among all the team members.

Tips on How to Maintain the Employees’ Satisfaction

  • Providing a healthy environment for team members. Furniture shall be convenient, offices are to be light and pleasant, gadgets and equipment must meet the functional requirements.
  • In addition to medical insurance, there shall be activities aiming at improving the health of each employee. For instance, special programs for those who want to quit smoking, or a gym equipped at the territory of a company or near it.
  • Organization of corporate events and team-building activities. They increase the team spirit, in the first place.
  • Providing the conditions for each team member to express his or her opinion and making sure that his or her opinion is taken into account.
  • The most essential is to provide each employee with the feeling of being appreciated and valued while the means and methods to achieve this goal can vary.