Cutco Knives
 Cutco Knives

Cutco has made its way up to the top cutlery manufacturers in the whole world. The company is offering any type of knife you might imagine. They are also providing top-notch after-sale service. You can understand more about this company by reading trustworthy Cutco knives reviews. These reviews can offer answers to any questions you might have about this brand.

Why Is It Expensive?

There are many questions that might pop up in your mind when you hear about Cutco knives. The most expected one is about the cost. In case you haven't asked about the knives prices, you should know that they are really expensive. There are understandable reasons behind the cost. Here are some of the reasons:

The products are made in the U.S

All Cutco products have been manufactured in the United States. This has been the case from day one. They don't use outsourced craftsmen or have overseas facilities. Everything is made in the U.S. This alone has its costs, but it can also guarantee the craftsmanship standards and products quality.

The way of marketing

The majority of cutlery brands use advertisements and other conventional ways of marketing. This is not the case with Cutco. The company is using a direct way of marketing. It is constantly hiring salespeople. These salespeople are usually students at the college. They are supposed to show the products to their family, fellow students or co-workers. Each salesperson will have a chance to explain the quality of the product to potential customers in person. Salespeople get a cut of the profit too. So, this might be another reason for the high price.

The lifetime guarantee

This can be an obvious reason for the big bucks. The company is offering the forever guarantee. Cutco is providing a hassle-free warranty for all its products. This applies when you are not satisfied with the product. They offer repairing and replacement for the items. There is also a full refund policy.

There are manual aspects in the making process

Since the whole manufacturing process takes place in the U.S, the cost can be higher than many other places in the world. Also, there are specific refining sides that require manual labour. Such a thing can make the cost even higher. The majority of the making process is done by machines, but the final product can't come out without the manual touch.

Special maintenance offerings

No matter how high the knife's quality is, it will always require maintenance in the long run. Cutco is the only major brand that has some special offers for sharpening and maintenance. For example, the company provides free sharpening service forever. This applies in case you are an owner of a full knives set. If you want to get your knife all sharp and kicking, you just have to contact the company. They would send a representative over to your place to do the job. The other way is that you can send your dull items by mail and wait for them to get back. All this is just for free.