Common Misconceptions

Conservativeness is based on traditions and cultures that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Religion also plays a huge role in developing a person’s belief when it comes to sexuality. Because of the two, it affects the upbringing of parents regarding that matter, they base their perspective based on what was taught to them and apply it to their children. These factors make up what we call the “conservative “country, but the concept about virginity is still taboo in conservative states.
Sacredness is synonymous to virginity according to religion, that is why virginity is reserved for the person a woman marries. It is the best gift a woman could give to her partner like most adults would say, because the husband must be the only one to break their partner’s hymen. But, do we not consider this belief a social construct that discriminates woman? And what of those who fell in love, manipulated, raped and sold into sexual slavery? Do we now label them impure because of what they had undergone, even if they were given no choice when it happened? With that in mind, let’s talk about virginity.

1. The “Hymen” is the basis of virginity. 

In primary school, when the human anatomy is first taught. The concept of the hymen was established to be the basis of virginity. The “vaginal corona” is destroyed when a female undergoes intercourse for the very first time. This idea was instilled for so long that men after consummating their marriage for the first time, checks their sheets, to really see if their wife was a “virgin.”

But according to recent studies, the concept of the hymen is debunked. It was found out that when baby girls were born, there is a membrane surrounding the vaginal area, this is what taught to be the hymen, but as years go by, this membrane becomes thinner because of the regular activities like sports, washing, walking, and self-exploration. This explains why some women do not bleed in their first intercourse, but they still feel the pain.

2. Virginity means ignorance about sexual activities. 

Yes, this thing is a common misconception. The older generation tends to forget that information about anything can be accessed within a second, in just one click. Old people sometimes forget that children are naturally curious especially when they are refrained from a topic without giving any explanation.

They also forget that teens nowadays are so advanced because of the gadgets we handed to them with full access to the internet. It is best that we, the grown-ups are the first people to introduce them to this kind of stuff. Ignorance nowadays is a big disadvantage to children given the generation and society they live in.

3. You lose “virginity” after only one intercourse. 

First and foremost, this statement is wrong in so many levels because it gives virginity a special meaning when in the very first misconception we already debunked its concept. Chastity is a social construct dating back from the earliest civilization, where a woman is given limited rights for self-exploration, right over their bodies and right who to love and who to give it to. Second, this membrane that we are currently talking about isn’t wrecked on the first intercourse right away. That is why some women still bleed and are still in so much pain when they have sex. This is because of the thickness of the said membrane that is teared up.

4. Tampons can ruin “virginity.”

In some countries, companies selling tampons really do not profit well, this is because of the beliefs of the majority in the country. Tampons and other feminine products that need to be inserted in the vagina can ruin your “hymen.” Again, as we have previously discussed, hymen was never a thing that was proven in medical research.

Second, tampons are designed to fit in the vagina without damaging the organ itself. Besides tampons, the menstrual cup is also facing the same misconception, because of the same procedure of inserting the silicone cup inside. But considering the effectivity without this fallacy, the menstrual cup method is much more effective and eco-friendly, since you don’t need to spend on it every month because cleaning a menstrual cup and reusing it again can save you money for five years.


Though this idea is still not widely accepted in conservative countries. A woman must not be totally bounded by their traditions, a woman must always have an open mind to new discoveries especially when it encourages advantage and change in the community and to ourselves. We must not let any biased social construct ruin our lives and dictate what and what we must not do.

Bio: Rohan is a blogger and professional writer he naturally writes articles on a different niche like the business, digital marketing, SEO, health, travel and Lifestyle Category.