Using a hot air brush on dry hair is not ideal, but some have been able to use it and come out looking with not so much of the desired look for their hair. Depending on what type of hair you naturally have it will be quite a challenge to achieve the hairstyle you want. Ideally, you are not supposed to use a hot air brush on dry hair because by then your hair has already been set to its natural look. The best time to use a hot air brush is when your hair is damp, which means when you’re hair is not too wet and nor is it too dry approximately close to being 80% dry.

Once you get out of the shower to make sure to dry your hair for just a little bit, has been referred to as the pre-dry phase which is right before using your hot air brush. Step by step once you’re out of the shower just towel dry your hair for a few seconds and apply the hair products you use for your hair. I recommend using a root plus if your hair requires a volume, a heat protector, and a straightening product of some kind to add a smooth and sleek look. Then divide your hair into small sections and begin styling your hair. When your hair is wet these hair products will work better and perform what the product is supposed to achieve. Therefore, if your hair is dry and you are using a hot airbrush, then the results will not be as to the best of their ability they are meant to achieve, for you to get the hairstyle look you want to make.

Once again, here are the steps on how to dry your hair using a hot air brush: dry hair by winding hair around the body of the brush and for extra volume lift at the root, pulling hair gently upward before moving the dryer down along the section of hair. If you want to create curls instead, wind hair around the brush and hold for a few seconds, if you're going to dry hair straight but with flicks at the base, lift hair at the root and then pull hair gently downward and curl up the brush at the bottom. Repeat the action desired for each section and finish with some serum or set with a little hair spray for lasting hold. The reason I am repeating the steps on how to use a hot air brush is that I would like the readers of this article to understand and be able to decide for themselves that using a hot air brush with slightly wet hair has resulted in better hairstyling for your hair.

If you choose to use a hot air brush on dry hair keep in mind that once your hair has dried, it has already set in its natural look way. Therefore, if you want to achieve a different look other than your natural look, it would be difficult to do so without pre-drying your hair and going through the styling steps I mentioned earlier.

It’s only beneficial for anyone out there who is wondering if hot airbrushes can be used on dry hair to thoroughly do your research and find out why most people don’t use hot airbrushes on dry hair. If you are worried about damaging your hair, which is an understandable concern, please go out and purchase products that will protect your hair from heat damage. An important product to use for preventing heat damaged hair is a heat protectant. There are numerous companies which make them. Once a heat protectant is applied make sure to use your desired hot airbrush and maintain consistent use of the heat protectant. Also, there are conditioning hair masks available for those who want to take extra precautionary against heat damaged hair. The conditioning mask nourishes and replenishes the hair. It’s like giving your hair a bunch of vitamins.

I am hoping that all of the readers out there who are reading this article have understood why using a hot air brush on dry hair is not the best way to achieve your desired hairstyle. I hope this article helps you understand the process it takes to use a hot air brush and getting the haircut you like does depend on whether your hair is wet or dry. I hope this article answers any questions and concerns on can you use a hot air brush on dry hair.