Playing online games is not only engaging but also equally exciting. Some of the games even though would cost you money but would fail to keep you engaged for a greater period of time, which in turns would lead to boredom. So it is very necessary to choose your online game carefully so that it not only is low maintenance but also is equally interesting to play. Competitive overwatch boost boils down to players paying a website to help boost their rank in the Competitive Mode. How this works is a user will be charged a fee based on how many ranks they wish to obtain and a player will log into their account and complete the matches for them. The best online games are fun, entertaining and would keep you engrossed until your mom comes to scold you! So before you dive into the world of online games, here is the list

5 best online games which everyone would love to play.

  • Pokémon- This game is popular worldwide and has fans across the nation. You can find lots of best Pokémon games on the internet. 95% of the total mobile users in Japan and the USA have installed this game in their cell phones. Now you can imagine how big the market is for this.
  • Game of Bombs- Bomber man was one of the most addictive and best crafted multiplayer games ever played on the Play Station. The game has this unique ability to seek the emulation of the virtual drug. Unlike play station, you can play the game with multiple players around the globe when you would play it online. This great feature has certainly added much more to the whole essence and the excitement of the game. Games has lots of importance in student life as it not only refreshes the mind but also makes them more intelligent and decision maker.
  • Die 2 Nite- This is also a multiplayer game which is text-based and has lots of zombies. You can see a lot of zombies coming to kill when the service time at top right hits 23:00. The basic theme of the game is that you along with other players would have to build defences during the daytime so that when the zombies come to attack you at night, you can be safe from them. The game is really involving and you would get really engrossed while playing it.
  • Abobo’s big adventure- the jokes used in the games would really appeal to you if you are above a certain age. But that does not mean that the younger people would not like playing it, in fact, they would love it. The game is basically like a comic story where Abobo’s son gets kidnapped and he has to battle through different NES themed stages in order to rescue him out. You would find a hint of all the classic online games like Zelda, Mario, Mega Man and Contra in this game. – It is a do or die online HTML game wherein you, as a reptilian, has to control the cursor in order to eat the smaller dots to become a longer reptile. The ultimate goal of this game is to eat as many dots as you can avoiding the snakes, touching whom would lead to your death. Your score depends on the length of the reptile.
  • Space plane- this is basically a planning game wherein you would plan, make and repair different space ships that would go through space. This is the perfect game, if you are at the office and wants to take a short break from work. You can open a tab and play this at an instance as the game does not demand constant and undivided engagement.
Final Words: All the above mentioned games are popular all over the world & have millions of users. If you think you are a gamer then it's the time to dive into it. To see more online games you can have a loot at