Essential Skills Every Traveller Should Know
Have you got bored with your daily routine? Do you just want to follow your heart? We have got some excellent skills that will always come handy to you while travelling!
So you know that by having certain clothes, bathing kit, essentials, meds, and other things, means that you are perfectly ready for travelling? Yes! But for those who are travelling like a princess. However, a big NO for those who are seeking for more adventure should learn some travelers tips that will handy to them while they are travelling. 

That does not mean that we will teach you how to fumble across the security or follow a certain translation book and learn some foreign language. Here are some travel-tested and useful and useful travellers tips that really help to overcome any situation you face during your tour!

Alpha Tip

Acquiring basic survival tricks like giving CPR is very important! If you are on a solo trip or on a trip with your friends. It is important that you know certain survival tricks which can be a lifesaver. You can even call it one of the most precious travelers gifts. Some of the survival tricks are as follows:
  • Knowing how to swim: This is the first and foremost skill which you should know no matter wherever you go. All the humans know how to walk on earth, they should definitely know how to swim in the water. It is a part of the daily life and survival strategy.
  •  Giving CPR: Developing the skill of giving CPR to yourself and your friends is very essential. When you trek on mountains or say someone is choking, giving CPR is the most effective thing than calling a hospital and waiting hours for it.
  • Lighting Fire: It may seem a bit primitive to everyone but yes, it comes handy most of the times. Say you are travelling on a lonesome road on a dark night. Do you think it is safe lighting fire and taking shelter under a tree or just roaming around in complete opacity?
  • Self-defence: You’ll hardly find any traveller who hadn’t had a safety-risking moment in his or her life. Almost 60% of the traveller has learned and are still learning how to use self-defence against your enemy or your abuser. So, if you really want to travel alone or with a friend, first you ought to learn self-defence techniques.

Beta Skill

Haggling is an art and a true traveller's gifts to be precise. It helps a lot especially when you are on a trip with a limited budget. Haggling is when you want to buy something or you want to get a service and you bargain on the price. 

Although its a tough skill, because you are actually using your presence of mind and playing with the psyche of people. However, its a skill you do not have to pay a price for. Mainly elderly people or people who shop extensively can cater as good examples of how you can bargain with people. Observe them carefully, see what terms and logic they use when they are bargaining. Only get on the road when you are confident that you are adapted to the skill very well. 

Sometimes, some shopkeepers are very stubborn, so if you can’t make them lower their price, try some other shop or buy from them at the price they are demanding (only if it is an emergency or if the product is really good!)

Gamma Skill

Learning the local language often helps you in travelling in an easy way. If you are a good fast learner, then you surely have one of the traveller's gifts. It is absolutely not necessary to know the entire language by heart but it does help if you only mug up some key phrases. 

I(t also makes communication a lot easier and you can easily navigate your way through your travel destination. We all know that Google Map has simplified everything for you but you may not get network service everywhere. 

Learn these tricks a become a pro in travelling. Explore the world in your own way!