Family Vacation
If you’re planning a vacation with your family or a group of friends to a popular destination, you can rent a holiday apartment through a holiday let management rather than booking multiple rooms at a hotel or resort crowded with tourists.

Staying at a vacation home has numerous advantages, the greatest one being that it turns out to be way more economical than hotel rooms. For instance, you can book a luxury family villa for a large group for one-third of what you’d pay for two or three different rooms at a five-star hotel at a top location.

Aside from the cost factor, here are 17 more reasons why you should choose to stay at a holiday rental on your next vacation.
  • 1. A private holiday villa or apartment makes for a perfect romantic getaway for a couple who want to spend quality time together in complete privacy. For many couples travelling together, a holiday house provides a much more personalized experience than hotels.
  • 2. If travelling with a baby or toddler, staying at a holiday home offers the convenience of having a full-service functional kitchen where you can prepare fresh food for your little one and minimize their intake of outside food.
  • 3. If you don’t like being boxed up in claustrophobic hotel rooms, rent an apartment instead. You’ll have way more space indoors as well as plenty of outdoor space such as a balcony or lawn, all to yourself.
  • 4. A holiday home gives young children plenty of space to run around and offers parents the luxury of retreating into the bedroom, living room or study for a break.
  • 5. Many people don’t realize it, but when you’re travelling with family, choosing to stay at a holiday house can save you hundreds of dollars in overhead costs.
  • 6. For pet parents, the best thing about renting a private holiday villa is that they can bring along their furry friend without having to worry about hotel rules and the convenience of other guests.
  • 7. You can make significant savings on eating out if you rent a holiday house with a fully equipped kitchen where you can conjure up anything from a late morning coffee to an elaborate supper.
  • 8. Booking a customized vacation home can completely turn around your holiday experience, making it more personal, more intimate and more relaxing. More and more families taking a trip to Portugal are choosing to stay at private accommodation so that they can explore this beautiful culture-rich country at their own pace.
  • 9. With no one disturbing you for room service and no rush to make it to an early buffet breakfast, you get the freedom to pace your vacation the way you want and do more of what you enjoy.
  • 10. No need to adhere to pool or gym timings. Choose a Turks and Caicos Villas with a pool and gymnasium, and you can take a dip at the oddest hour or sweat it out at your private fitness room whenever you have the time.
  • 11. For discerning travellers, bespoke holiday homes offer an unmatched vacation experience. Choose to stay at a Victorian-era home in the countryside, a seaside villa facing the ocean or an old mansion turned into a modern holiday rental—experience something special instead of the usual cookie-cutter hotel rooms.
  • 12. Many vacation apartments have washing machines, a must-have feature when you’re taking a long vacation with kids and don’t want to carry a truckload of clothes. Packing light may also save you baggage charges at the airport.
  • 13. If you’re looking for a calming, rejuvenating and peaceful stay that will recharge you for life back home, individual accommodation is a far better option than crowded chain hotels.
  • 14. If the purpose of your vacation is to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or birthday with your loved ones, a private villa can serve as both the venue for the party and accommodation for your guests.
  • 15. Feel free to invite your local friends and colleagues for a relaxing dinner set in an ambience that reflects your personal taste—something that can rarely be achieved in a restaurant.
  • 16. With a full-service holiday home, you get way more amenities at a lower cost. It serves as a home away from home that’s an ideal option when travelling with young children.
  • 17. Staying at a vacation home with your besties gives you the freedom to do all the partying you want with no one to tell you to keep it down!