When marketing teams are formed either as part of an in-house digital marketing campaign or by a marketing agency on behalf of a client, graphic design is one area of expertise that should be considered. Most plans only include graphic design for a project's web design phase, but graphic designers rarely should be included further than the web page design point. This is surprising because graphic design is one of the most critical areas for any web design project.

Graphic Design for Social Media

Social media is not just about posts with text. Also, you should only settle for images that fit the tone of your social media posts. It is incredible to see how many bad photos are posted on business social media pages that have not undergone any form of airbrushing or editing. By not doing this, the objectives behind the marketing plan are somewhat defeated.

A graphic designer can be hired online to airbrush/enhance photos for as little as $10 per edit. Of course, the costs add up if you put one post per month out there, equating to $300 a month. The costs can add up even at the cheap rate of $10. This is precisely why people tend to refrain from using graphic designers and spend their budget on other areas of their digital marketing plan.

However, it is worth calculating the cost of a bad image being placed on your social media and how that hurts your brand. Who wants to do business with a company cutting corners by not committing money to the graphic design portion of their campaign? The brand image says, "All we want to do is make money." For one, how is the aftersales service if the visual design is not taken care of? The company probably makes cuts here, too!

If you want your social media to grow, you need to ensure your graphic design is well presented. Remember, social media is all about building your business's brand name.

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The most significant reason any business needs a graphic designer is infographics. Creating a website without infographics these days is just not an option. People are so used to the same old look and feel of the bog-standard WordPress site that they become immune to words.

For example, suppose you are a local electrician business, and your site says, "We are experts in quality electrical installation and maintenance." In that case, people have read the same or similar line on the previous electrician website they saw.

The best way to stand out today is not by writing fancy sentences with all the promises in the world, showing you that you will give them the best of the best. Instead, infographics are the new way to get your message across. In one quickly absorbed infographic, you can explain your service the same way 100 words of text would.

Infographics are a powerful way of showing just how secure your services are. They show the processes customers need to take, and they encourage people to take action. Furthermore, you can circulate infographics on press releases, social media, and other online media outlets.

For these reasons alone, a graphic designer with the specific task of designing infographics is a must-have addition to your marketing team.

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Paid Ads

If you can profitably justify using paid or banner ads, then you should use them. To successfully launch an ads campaign that requires pre-designed ads, you will need a graphic designer to put your message into a design. Once you have the plan mapped out, the graphic designer must produce several ad versions for different-sized screens.

Some software programs can help you with sizing ads, but some ads need to look right on specific banner sizes. Some businesses go with these sizes, and the ads look squashed or distorted, which will lose clicks rather than gain them.

Hiring a graphic designer on a freelance contract will help you save on having to pay a full-time salary to a designer. You will also have access to a graphic designer when you need one in case you need to modify or change your paid ads campaign. 

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In this article, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg regarding how critical graphic designers are to the success of any marketing plan you implement. Using distorted or copied images that people have seen before will not help your business build a positive brand image – especially regarding social media. Social media enhances a business's brand reputation, not harm it!

You will also need a graphic designer for your website and PR projects. You should use infographics as much as possible in your marketing strategy because infographics tend to convert much more than plain text that repeats precisely what the next company says about its services.

Finally, if you use any paid ads campaign, try including display ads in the attack. You will need a graphic designer to add your logo to and design the ads for these types of campaigns to ensure that your campaign looks professional and will attract a decent number of clicks and leads for your money.