Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles

Though there are different types of noodles available in the world today, there are a few things popular and special about Ramen Noodles. They have started to become extremely popular across the world. Their origins could have been in China or Japan, but today they are being consumed in large quantities across the world. For many South Asian, and Far East Asian countries, there is no doubt that these noodles are the staple food. There are different ways and means in which these noodles are made and if you look at sites like https://www.yuzuramenthailand.com/ you will be able to find out the various ways in which these Ramen Noodles are made. They go well with almost all types of ingredients. They can be used with different types of vegetables and also can be cooked along with meat, chicken, fish and many other such items. It is also possible to cook them plain and eat them along with some other side dishes. Hence, there are reasons to believe that versatility, flexibility and uniqueness are the three major reasons for the ever-growing popularity of Ramen Noodles across many countries of the world.

Where Exactly Did It Originate?

There are different stories regarding the origin of Ramen Noodles. While it is mostly considered to be a Japanese invention, there are many who believe that it could have originated from China. However, it is largely believed that the Ramen Noodles were first tried out during the early part of the 1900s and therefore it could be around 100 to 115 years at best.

What Are The Made Of?

Ramen, like many other types of noodles, is made from water, wheat flour and salt. The mixture is kneaded and then the dough is made out of it. The dough is then hand pulled, rolled, cut and steamed. However, there is a special ingredient that makes Ramen Noodles different from other noodles. It is known as Kansui. This basically is a type of alkaline water. This water helps to give that unique and special springy texture to the noodles. While it may be possible to mimic the impact of Kansui by using baking soda as a replacement, if you try it out with the connoisseurs of original Ramen Noodles, they will be able to find it out quite easily.

Why It Has Become So Very Popular

It would be quite interesting to try and pinpoint the exact reason for the sudden growth of Ramen Noodles. It has moved far beyond being an ordinary college-dorm stable food to something that is much more widespread and popular. There are a number of reasons for the same.

It is easy to make. In today’s world, where people are in a mad rush, there is no doubt that Ramen Noodles can come in very handy. It can be made within a few minutes and all that is needed is a bowl where the noodles can be boiled with water.

It is tasty and nutritious. Yes, this is one of the most important reasons for the growing popularity of this noodle. It provides the required amount of basic nutrients including quality carbohydrates, some bit of protein, vitamins and minerals. Protein in the form of meat, egg, fish and chicken can easily be added to it. It also is easily digestible.