The nightlife all over the world has evolved drastically over the years. Nightclubs have replaced the classy old gatherings of people meeting every fortnight. However, no matter how much do these clubbing-culture lads boast of their party trends, the best-in-class dinners complemented with scotch whiskeys would always be the perfect party idea for men. The excitement of beer and vodka can’t replace the class of a perfectly made whiskey in Ironton distillery Denver Colorado.

The idea of enjoying the night with well-suited ladies and gentlemen enjoying slow dancing on classic salsa beats on a candle-lit night and the bar lit-up with the best of whiskeys would turn any boy into a man. Well, if you are planning to throw one such party, never forget to research on the best whiskey types and distilleries. Your choice of whiskey alone defines what you are up to.

To give you a fair idea, we have prepared a list of some of the most excellent whiskey types to go with:

Malt Whiskey

In good old days, farmers in Scotland prepared malt whiskeys using barleys from their own farm. They had to precisely pick the most excellent barley granules and involve a lot of physical work to manufacture one of the finest whiskeys all over the world. However, the industrial revolution replaced the physical effort with modern machinery, but that did not hamper the taste at all. It eased the process.

Malt whiskey from Scotland is still one of the most loved drinks all over the world, and they sell it at a high price too, as it takes 3 years and 1 day for the whiskey to mature. After processing the barley in distilleries (in pot stills), they keep it untouched for 3 years and then sell it.

Grain Whiskey

This kind of whiskey doesn’t require a particular malt, like barley. The farmers produce these kinds of whiskey using wheat, corn, and other types of grains. At times, they use the mixture of multiple grains which adds to the variety of the whiskey. In the past, they used corn to manufacture the same using column stills for distillation. Nowadays, mostly wheat is there, distilled with modern equipment.

The advantage of producing grain whiskey over malt whiskey is that the grain whiskey takes less time to mature.

Blended Whiskey

Now, this is where art and alcohol meet, or let's say, ‘blend.' Blending whiskeys for the perfect taste are not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs years of experience in this field to gain expertise, to the extent that you make the best-blended whiskey. For those who don’t know what blended whiskey is, it is a mixture of two or more whiskeys of various categories (usually grain) which adds to the flavour and variety.

The connoisseurs determine the taste of the whiskeys by checking out the ratio of different whiskeys. The amount of malt whiskey added to the blend has a substantial impact on the flavour of the whiskey thus made. An expert in the field has the perfect idea of what to blend in what amount.

Bourbon Whiskey

Another premium-quality whiskey from the US, the bourbon whiskey has a strong fan base all over the world. One of the types of bourbon whiskey manufactured in Tennessee has an extraordinary demand all over, as they say, it’s one of the purest breeds of bourbon. Other than that, the credit for increasing bourbon production goes to Kentucky, as it is the heart of bourbon whiskey. 

It really tastes great.

There are a few factors which set bourbon apart. 51% of the content comes from corn. The maturity time for an ideal bourbon whiskey is around 4 years. The government even has specific laws catering to them. Although pot stills have replaced column stills in many parts of the world, the Americans still use column stills for distillation.

Rye Whiskey

Rye, the member of the wheat tribe, usually grown in the Americas, has one of the most beautiful grains to manufacture whiskey. The US used to be the largest manufacturer of Rye whiskey once. However, nowadays, the rye whiskey is mostly produced in and around Canada and in some states in the US. It takes up to 2 years to become mature and has one of the most exquisite tastes. It comes at a dear rate too.

Talking about ingredients, it consists mostly of Rye which the farmers ferment and distil column stills and then leave untouched for about 2 years. However, the taste that you get after two years is something worth waiting for. Well, not only available in single malt, the rye whiskey has a big contribution in typical Canadian blends as well.

While Rye whiskey is available at a good scale alone, the blended whiskeys which have a contribution of rye arebeing sold at a wide range all over Canada. It's an excellent taste to the connoisseurs as well.

Fun Fact: Using Music for Whiskey Aging

While it might sound new to some people, it is a widely popular method for the ageing of whiskey. In the older times, when the demand for whiskey was lower than that of today, farmers used to lay back, storing whiskey for 3-4 years. Well, you would already be aware of the fact that the older the whiskey gets, the tastier its taste gets too. So, music was sed a catalyst for the process of ageing.

It's not an orthodox belief but a scientific fact that Whiskeys turn older when exposed to music, they age faster. It is due to the fact that the music makes the whiskey molecules move to and fro, creating friction. The molecules, when exposed to friction tend to age faster than those that lay still. This process is nowadays getting popular widely with the age of high whiskey demand all over the world. Mostly, EDMs and Sonic beats are there with the whiskey for them to age quickly.

So, now you have quite the idea of the various types of whiskeys there all around the world. So, if you decide to throw a classic vintage party with your gang of gentlemen, don't forget to reread it.