Hello guys! How are you? Everything calm? Hope so…

Today we will talk about a piece of men's clothing that can be quite varied and that is essential in the fall and winter: the cold sweaters. It's normal for us to simply choose the first blouse of cold that is in sight in the wardrobe to get out, is not it? There are only a few men who care about the style of the blouse and the vast majority only care whether it is hot or not (and they are not wrong, of course), but if we stop to think, it is relatively easy to choose a warm sweater and have style or match with other pieces of clothing or with your style, of course.

Winters and autumns tend to be mild, dry and have occasional increases in temperature, meaning choosing a blouse of overly hot cold is bullshit because you will only feel hot or uncomfortable after a short time so I'll only list styles of simple cold sweaters, okay? Let's go then?

The famous ones

Hot and stylish, sweatshirts are probably the most sought-after and cold-selling shirts on the clothing market. The simplicity of the fabric is also interesting, which allows that the numerous types of pullovers that exist can be bought for relatively low prices when compared with other types of blouses. Jackets, full sweaters and overcoats are just a few examples of this famous piece of clothing.

Leather jackets are always featured!

Leather jackets are not just for motorcyclists! We (who are not motorcyclists) can leave quietly with this stylish piece of clothing when we please! By the way, when you are without a definite idea of cool clothes, bet on the jackets made of leather, as well as keeping you warm, they demonstrate style, elegance and charm.

No ideas? Go in a sweater!

Looking for a cool blouse that keeps you warm for a good while? The best bet is on the sweater. Made of wool, cotton, synthetic fibre or with a mix of various components, the sweaters are always very warm and some models cover almost completely the neck and arms, thus increasing the sensation of heat. Because they are made of wool, cotton or synthetic knit, the variety of designs, patterns and designs of the sweaters is almost unlimited and you can buy whatever you want (or order some with the design of your choice, of course) at reasonable prices.

Hooded or without a hood?

Why not use Fashion Men's Hoodies? Almost all types of cold sweaters have variants with or without the hood and knowing how to choose the correct one is essential to avoid bothering when leaving, moving or even standing still on a sofa or chair. The main advantage of a hood is the protection against wind and cold when they are strong, but having a hooded sweater when the weather is not so severe may be bad, as the hood can end up bothering the neck and warming you too much.

Blazer: simple and practical for any occasion

After all, what is a blazer? What differentiates a blazer from a suit or jacket? Most men (including me) would not know the difference if they were face-to-face with a blazer, suit and jacket, but a closer look and you'll know the difference: the blazer is stripped, simple and not so "Structured" as suits and jackets. It is made for situations and casual occasions and you can see it with a closer look because the sleeves, the elbows, the colouration always varied and the fact of combining with almost all styles of clothing is remarkable and stands out.

Where to buy

There are numerous websites of online stores and physical stores that sell all these types of men's cold sweaters. The main tip is to do beautiful research before buying any piece of clothing and do not buy directly from the first store you find, be it physical or online, as you may be paying an incompatible price and even abusive when you could be paying much less.