You dream about becoming a full-time travel writer? You’ve been reading the words of Paul Theroux for a long time, and you’re sure that this is your dream job? But maybe that goal seems overwhelming. Starting an aspiring travel blog would get you on the right track, and it doesn’t look like something impossible to do.

But how will you travel full-time? You have to organise your life very effectively and take care of several details: money, accommodation, time-management, and everything in between. In other words, you need the right tools and resources that will support you on this journey.

Here are the most recommended resources for aspiring travel writers:


You absolutely need your own website, and you need it now. You could opt for Joomla or Drupal, too. But WordPress is the most accessible content management system to work with. Even if you’re a total beginner at this, you can create something beautiful.

Go through the tutorials and courses for beginners that WordPress offers, and you’ll be able to create and maintain your own website with minimum effort.

If you’re going to do this professionally, it’s essential to invest in a premium theme. Yes; it will cost some money. But it will also make your website much more professional-looking.

All Social Media Platforms

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – those are the primary tools that connect you with your audience. When you want to be a successful travel writer, you have to strive towards the “influencer” status on social media. In other words, you need more followers, who will engage with your posts.

Don’t even think about buying fake followers. Only genuine, engaged followers work! Post great content regularly and you’ll attract them. Social media activity takes a lot of commitment when you want to make yourself known. But it’s fun, and it’s all worth the effort.


You’ll attract readers with your blog and through your social media activity. But how will you stay connected with the ones who want frequent updates? Simple: you’ll invite them to become part of your email list.

MailChimp is a great tool that enables you to create lovely newsletters. You’ll send those to your subscribers whenever you’re sharing something new at your website. So everyone who wants to follow your trips will stay updated.

A valid email marketing campaign will bring more traffic to your website. However, it will also help you establish a more personal connection with your readers.

Platforms that Pay You to Write

When you aim to be a full-time travel writer, you have to earn your money somehow. You may reach the status of a magazine paying you to travel and write for them. But if you’re still not there yet, you’ll need a freelance writing job to support you along the way. That’s great since you can even earn money and work on your blog at the same time.

If you want to become part of a freelancing platform, Upwork may be the obvious choice. You just create a profile, and you start applying for gigs. If you’re good enough, you’ll begin to collaborating with great clients.

But if you don’t want to waste time and effort in the constant hunt for clients, a paper writing service is a better option. You just join, and the team directs orders your way. These jobs usually involve custom essay writing. So if you’ve always been a great college essay writer, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Here are a few writing services you can check out:

And if offering assignment help to students doesn’t make you excited, maybe you could use your writing skills in another way? If you’re good at writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, you can contact Resumes Planet to see how you can become part of their writing team.


Cheap accommodation will be part of your daily life when you start your adventure as a travel writer. But that doesn’t matter. Who needs fancy hotels when you’re out there exploring the world? It’s all about living life to the fullest, and we don’t mean in terms of luxury.

Before you head off to a new destination, you can book your accommodation through Airbnb. People from all around the world are willing to rent apartments and rooms to travellers. You can find a cosy place to stay that will feel just like home, and won’t cost much.

Plus, you can run into really kind hosts, who will be willing to recommend the best things to see in their area.

Number Cost of Living

Your blog will start bringing you money at one point or another. You can also film YouTube videos and start working as a freelance writer. It is possible to make a living while you’re out there exploring the world.

But you still have to plan your expenses very carefully. Any miscalculation that leads to zero savings in a foreign country is a severe problem.

Before you book your ticket to a new destination, you have to make a budget. How much money will you need for accommodation, public transport, and food? This Cost of the Living tool is essential. It tells you how much things cost in different places all around the world.

The Elements of Style

You’re a good writer. But are you writing something that people will want to read? This book is essential for everyone who wants to do living writing. Get it, read it, and mark the most critical parts.
  • It’s not just about mastering English grammar. It’s a classic resource for everyone who wants to write well.
  • Travel Writing 2.0: Earning Money from Your Travels in the New Media Landscape
How about a book that holds compressed information on how travel writers can make money? That’s more than what you get from a brief blog post. The author of the book, Tim Leffel, shares his own experience. He tells you how to benefit from both print and electronic media, and he includes tips from other travel writers, editors, and publishers.

The Bottom Line

When you want to become a successful travel writer, you can’t take baby steps. This will be a huge leap forward. It takes a lot of courage and preparation, but you can do it. If it’s your dream, you have to be ready to work towards it. The tools above will help you plan this journey well!