It has become easier than ever before to rent and own a villa in Dubai. Due to the constant competition in the housing market of Dubai, investors are introducing newer and newer options to attract the best customers. The central location of the city has also been attracting a wide number of visitors from all over the world. Due to increased demand, there also has been a substantial escalation in a number of housing projects. The Victory Heights is one of the most modern project present in Dubai.

Recently the Victory Height’s has almost reached completion as 685 villas from the total of 784 have been sold or rented out to the residents. Moreover, the complete handover of 3 out of 5 villages near The Els Club golf course has also been completed.

The projects range from huge townhouses, grand villas and large residential blocks. The Victory Heights offer a number of projects which are made of various architectural designs including the Mediterranean, European architectural and Andalusian styles. Whether you desire privacy or a natural look to your residence, you can find both in Victory Heights. Moreover, the beautiful Els Club located at the Dubai Sports City is also situated in the mid of the Victory Heights. It is also the first ever golf course in the Middle East. This gorgeous golf course was selected as a finalist in International Courses category of 2008 Golf Inc Development of the Year.

The Els Club is extremely beautiful and has a stunning appearance. Spanning over around 7,538 yards, it offers a beautiful and wide space to play the best game of your life. Due to its spacious area and beautiful surroundings, there is no doubt that it is one of the highly preferred golf courses in the region.

Al Jaber has consistently met the stringent requirements throughout the construction process of Oliva, Estella and Esmeralda villages and has worked alongside us to create one of the most sought-after residential developments in Dubai.

The presence of a huge golf course in the middle makes Victory Height a very unique and pleasing place to live. The builders and architects Al Jaber has delivered some of the best and most sought after projects in the city. The entire construction of Estella, Oliva and Esmeralda villages were built with such finesse and dexterity that customers and clients from all over the world want to begin a life there.

Although living in a villa in Dubai was something very expensive and spared only for the wealthy before, it is no longer the case. In fact, since the downturn of real estate in Dubai, a greater number of people find it it easier and less costly to buy a home here. Also, with rising competition in the housing market, it has also become a possible option to own or rent a villa in the majestic city. The Victory Heights has also been receiving a great number of clients; looking for different type of solutions. Whether you intend to live with your privacy or want to be surrounded by and experience community living, Victory Heights is the place to be!

It is a beautiful golfing residential community which attracts families who wish to live in spacious villas and huge gardens with substantial living spaces. Around 600+ families make one huge community in the first phase of development. The residents belong to different parts of the world, from East to West yet live in one place as a union. Being located on the borders of The Els Club golf course and inside the Dubai Sports City, the Victory Heights residents are also very fitness and health conscious and enjoy engaging in healthy sporting activities regularly.