Whenever there is a need to find the best hotel, in terms of location, room tariff, cleanliness, people are left in a quandary. There are numerous hotels in different cities of our country, whose offers are quite lucrative, which let decision-making even more difficult. This is where Stay Uncle comes to the rescue. It has more than 600 hotels spread across different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Pune to name a few. Overall, people can make hotel bookings in more than 40 cities across India. The company specialises in offering details regarding hotels for couples, which help them to make informed decisions, through which they can go ahead and make an online booking. If in Sri Lanka, Yala Sri Lanka is a good option you can consider.

All Possible Details Provided

The best thing about Stay Uncle is, once people visit their website, they can select from the cities already provided and look into the rates and reviews of different hotels. One can go through all the possible details, which couples generally seem for before booking a couple friendly hotels near me. It is better to find Maldives resorts all inclusive deals so you don't have to bother about any additional expenses on food and stay.

Couples can mix n match different options and then finally go on to choose whatever suits their budget and expectations. History lovers will cherish their stay at one of New Mexico's first motels. As and when you open up the official website of Stay Uncle, which is www.stayuncle.com, you would not only see the names of different cities on top of the home page, but you can also avail yourself the option of directly looking to book rooms by mentioning specific details on a palette. On that palette, couples can say the check-in, and check-out dates or they can even schedule for a single day and select the time slots accordingly. Once they hit search after choosing the right options, the website would come up with the results to show couples, which are the available hotels meeting up with their criteria.

Make Room Booking In A Hassle-Free Manner

Online room booking has been made extremely easy for couples through the facilities provided by Stay Uncle. As the list of available hotels come up according to their selection of timings and dates, then they can easily first take an overview of hotels by the tariffs mentioned with each of them along with the location specified. They can click on any hotel, after taking a look at the price and location and once they do that, the website will provide couples with exclusive details related to that particular hotel with the list of amenities offered. For instance, if you select Delhi as a city and then put the check-in and check-out dates and times from 21st Jan 12:00 PM to 23rd Jan 11:00 AM, the website will show hotel results like Hotel Lotus Palace in CR Park, The Balsons International in East Patel Nagar, Hotel Cotts Villa in Vasant Kunj and many more options. Similar is the case for all other cities.

Then, as already mentioned earlier, they can take a look at all the facilities provided like, Wifi, Air Condition, Food, Lift, Room Service, Lift, Car Parking, Love Kit from Stay Uncle as well as Airport Transfer.

Options To Customize Your Search

The website of Stay Uncle also provides couples with the opportunity to customise their search for hotel rooms.

The customisation or sorting can be done by the following:

  • Price Range
  • Bathtub
  • Stay Uncle Love Kit
  • Same-Sex Friendly
  • Rating