Scandinavian printing styles are undoubtedly world-class. Danish people like colorful, silky photo books that have pearlescent décor. Right now, the prices of qualitative photo books depend on the materials used, sizes, and paper printing quality. Estimates on the photo blog are sent to customers who need to calculate the prices to buy the best photo books from the online storefronts.

Pixum Photo Book Insta –Available for DKK 134.00

Axum photo book in Denmark is designed with a durable, compact hardcover. Elegant Danish citizens like superb background decoration, ultra-modern fonts, and soothing colors. Pixum book instant photo books have a premium matte finish. In 15 × 15 cm size, this excellent photo book has 22 pages for storing the 22 images in square measure. Particular highlights include the slipcases for wrapping up the photo books for safekeeping. So, the market price of this product is around DKK 134. However, cross-shape pixum photo books are a little bit cheaper. For example, the 26-page mini cross-shape Pixum photo book costs around DKK 75. The prices will rise if customers want to add a few more pages to enlarge the photo book. A customer has to pay an additional DKK 12 to include 4 more pages to bundle up the Pixium photo book. The online checklist lists prices for various great Pixum foto bogs in Denmark.

Shipment Cost

Delivering the photo books to the customers in Denmark is an extra shipping cost. The printed photo books are ready to be delivered to the customers' doorsteps. Usually, Danish photo book printing agencies take DKK 59 for home delivery. In the event of office pay y, the shipment cost is around DKK 39. If you collect the product from the local post office, it will be approximately DKK 49.

Pixum Photo Book XL - Pricey

Pixum photo book XL size is costly. Customers must bear higher expenses when buying the custom Pixum photo book in XL size. The hardcover premium paper gloss (26 pages) design costs DKK 499. Pay more DKK 54 per extra 4 pages to add. Similarly, the Pixum photo book costs DKK 599 for a high XXL format. When you calculate the estimates, you must include the shipment cost plus the price of adding extra pages to the photo books before publication/printing. In this regard, many reliable photobook printing agencies in Denmark offer attractive discounts. On special days or events, the promo codes on the photo book décor are accessible to customers.  

Comparison Study to Get the Best Prices on Photo Books in Denmark

Soft-cover photo books are cost-effective, whereas hardcover premium paper gloss photo books will force you to spend an extra few DKK to buy the products. QuieThe soft cover premium finish photo book with 26 pages in total costs a Danish customer DKK 199. However, he has to pay an extra DKK 100 to spend a total of DKK 299 to have the hardcover photo books with the exact page count. This is the product price, excluding the shipment charges.

Online Danish customers have to go to the official website to download the powerful photo book printing software to put their selected images to edit. This software is fast to reshape all images for printing on the photo book. After the pictures are uploaded on the software, send them to the company for final photo book printing. So, your labor cost is saved. Finally, an edited copy will be packed in a box for shipment. If you need a decorated glossy box for taking the photo book, please bear out-of-pocket expenses.