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How Can You Maintain the Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floor has lifelong durability if homeowners are careful to maintain the floors. Generally, hardwood floors are made of solid oak, cider and maple woods. After 10-20 years, the wood floors start losing natural glossiness and firmness as well. Therefore, the hardwood floors need proper fabrication or modification. There are different methods of floor fabrication. Certainly, the professional floor maintenance backup is definitely useful to a person to rejuvenate the different layers of the hardwood floor meticulously. Have advice and tips from consultants of gulvkanonen to repair, refinish and decorate the solid wood floors. This reliable hardwood floor grinding company has experienced sanders and floor designers to reconstruct the hardwood floors.

·         Floor Cleaning
The basic hardwood floor cleaning is necessary. It wipes out signs of dust which discolors the texture of the expensive hardwood floor. Dust, mite, mold, and bacteria damage floors. Regularly, use the broom or any workable vacuum cleaner to remove debris to increase the luster and sheen of the wood floor.

·         The Precautions
Vinegar is not recommended by the expert. The floors cleansing quality goes down. The vinegar with water weakens the firmness of the floor.  So, arrange the more biodegradable hardwood floor cleansing materials.

·         Hardwood Floor Sanding
Naturally, the large size void, and scratches on the floor are ugly and it also destructs the floor. The stain on the floor will disappear due to the exposure to such odd patches on the surface of the 
hardwood floor.  Floor sanding or grinding must be selected for protection of the floors.  1 millimeter deep floor sanding is required when there are a number of mild scratches or prominent dents/ ridges/ pores in middle of the floor. Contours of the hardwood floor may be dirty because of piles of chemical dross and dust particles. Hardwood sanding improves the floor and do proper staining to enhance the brightness of the hardwood floor. Well, if the cracks in the hardwood floors are deep, the replacement is needed. Before spending money for full-fledged floorboards replacement, try the simple floor trimming up to 4 millimeter to settle the issue of the uneven ridges on the floor.  This floor trimming must do the floor leveling tackling voids and cracks.

·         Floor Replacement
 Hardwood floors are not frequently modified or upgraded for maintenance.  It is the solid wood structure. The floor replacement, sanding, and trimming should not be done repeatedly. It is expensive to reset the hardwood floor. However, in the case of incurable cracks or differences in any portion of the wood floor, homeowners have to opt for the removal of the damaged floorboards from the floor. Installation of the new floorboards to fix the wood floor is good to save money. The durability of the hardwood floor is unexpectedly long.

·         Stop Naughty Things – Furniture Dragging, Heavy Footsteps and Floor Soiling
The hardwood floors can be ruined due to simple reasons like water splashing on the floor; frequent running across the floor without using matted fabric felt pads or light-weight biodegradable shoes etc. Besides, large furniture pieces must not be dragged harshly on the bare floor. This type of furniture move and jerk on the solid oak floor is obviously harmful to the hardwood floor.

Keep the room temperature and level of humidity favorable to the wood. The normal 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit makes the wood stay cool and perfect. The 30-50 humidity level is also excellent for safekeeping of the hardwood floor. The dramatic changes in the temperature of the room may be harsh for the solid hardwood. The well-built hardwood floors must have over 100 years’ life expectancy. Therefore, homeowners have to prioritize the regular hardwood floor cleansing, timely floor refinishing and good floor replacement on demand. 

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